The Best and Worst of E3 2017

Nintendo Games likes Super Mario Odyssey are going to sell consoles

NINTENDONintendo Games likes Super Mario Odyssey are going to sell consoles

Rocket League developer Psyonix in an interview with our friend at Polygon stated that (for Rocket League) it's their dream and they would do anything to make it come true (cross-network play including PlayStation).

There is a lot of discussion going on right now on the Sony's refusal to allow cross-platform play feature support for Rocket League and Minecraft.

It would be a great thing for Rocket League, since the game continues to grow and more players means a bigger community and better competition.

Psyonix (Rocket League) publishing boss Jeremy Dunham weighed in on the issue, emphasizing as Phil Spencer did that the safety of its players is always a top priority, and that excuse just doesn't hold any water for Sony.

All in all, there are some really fantastic games coming our way over the next year or two, and we can't wait to get our hands on them. This is what I was telling my brother. Even more surprising was that the team was actually testing the game out for Switch a year ago!

What other games are you hoping to see on the Nintendo Switch?

But Dunham points out that if Sony is concerned about some specific threat from an Xbox or Nintendo audience, Psyonix has already handled those concerns.

We'll have more on the Switch version of Rocket League in the coming months.

Four years after the Xbox One launched, the souped-up Xbox One X arrives, and comes in with the same US$499 (RM2,130) price tag. Curious, I asked him if there were any fan suggestions that bordered on the ridiculous.

Speaking to Eurogamer this week, Sony's Jim Ryan said the company doesn't have "a profound philosophical stance" against cross-platform play and pointed to previous examples of such play between PlayStation and the PC. From our perspective, we've done everything we need to do. In Holiday 2017, a highly anticipated Super Mario Odyssey becomes the high profile system-selling exclusive, featuring a special hat that allows Mario to poltergeist his way into controlling other characters, enemies, and objects. The game has added a new arena mode where you can battle it out against Egypt's toughest foes and includes the ability to use an eagle as a reconnaissance plane to scout ahead.

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