No PS4 cross-platform support for Rocket League

Minecraft to get 4K graphics and crossplay update this fall

No PS4 cross-platform support for Rocket League

That's what the company would do with Switch or Xbox crossplay on Sony's system as well. So what's holding it up?

"There's probably someone from Psyonix talking to someone from Sony every day".

They're trying to make it as easy on players and the platform holders as possible. Microsoft bore the greatest security requirements of the three companies, and they've since met those requirements. The hard work has been done. "All we need is a green light from Sony".

"I wish I had the answer to that", Dunham said. "Y'know, we buy the phones for their unique designs or software or whatever, but not having cross-network is like saying 'Hey, you can't make calls to your brother because he has a different phone than you'". However, it wasn't long before it was confirmed that Rocket League cross play would not include PS4.

"With cross-platform play, it's a big deal that everything feels the same and looks the same so nobody feels like they're at a disadvantage", said Jeremy Dunham, vice president at Psyonix.

He's hoping the PlayStation community is loud enough about wanting this to happen that Sony decides to let it happen. "It's literally something we could do with a push of a button, metaphorically", said Dunham. "In reality it's a web page with a checkbox on it".

Needless to say, the "Minecraft" cross-play feature is one exciting advancement for the world of gaming that Sony is apparently not keen on being a part of, and this has disappointed some PlayStation players since they would be missing out on the fun. "That's all we need to do".

The same reasoning was given after it was revealed that they wouldn't be on board with cross-play on Minecraft either, although the necessity for an Xbox Live log in on all participating platforms sounds like a more plausible excuse in this scenario.

An exact release date for Rocket League on Switch has yet to be announced, but it is expected to launch this holiday season on the console.

He also responded to the idea that it would have helped develop confidence in the Xbox to reveal those games, even if it's early in development. Players would be brought together instead of being kept apart.

"Sony won." "No, Microsoft won". "There are no technical limitations".

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