Nintendo Went To Psyonix To Bring Rocket League to Switch

A lot of major announcements were dropped during the show, but one of the biggest surprises was the reveal that the incredibly popular indie sports title Rocket League will be coming to the Nintendo Switch.

This means that PlayStation 4 gamers still only get to play against others with the same console, while everyone else can play together. However, Sony is still refusing to provide the same treatment to PlayStation 4 users other than with the PC, which is frustrating the game's developers.

This E3 has been a good one for many who are fans of playing online games with friends and strangers across different console and PC platforms. In detail, Rocket League will come out with 4K resolution, 60FPS and HDR support.

On the subject of security measures that Psyonix has taken, Dunham said, "We think we've got it all covered..."

"The fact that somebody would make an assertion that somehow we're not keeping Minecraft players safe I found - not only from a Microsoft perspective, but from a game industry perspective - I don't know why that has to become the dialogue", he said.

Since Microsoft first made a big push for cross-platform play on Xbox Live over a year ago, Sony has said it is "happy to have a conversation" with developers on the matter. "We run all the servers", Dunham stated. "In reality it's a web page with a checkbox on it". Amongst those was obviously Nintendo's press conference where it announced tons of new stuff especially for the new Switch console. All we have to do is check that box and it would be up and running in less than an hour all over the world.

But Dunham points out that if Sony is concerned about some specific threat from an Xbox or Nintendo audience, Psyonix has already handled those concerns. "That's all we need to do".

According to Dunham, Psyonix has met all the technical requirements to support cross-platform play.

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