Newsmax CEO says Trump is thinking about doing something really shocking

"There's some real conflicts", Ruddy said. He further assured senators Mueller has been given complete independence to carry out the task.

Both Fleischer and Gingrich had previously vouched for the character and integrity of Mueller, who was appointed Federal Bureau of Investigation director by Bush and whose term was extended an extra two years by Democratic President Barack Obama.

Just weeks ago, Mr Gingrich heaped praise on Mr Mueller, hailing him as a "superb choice" for special counsel whose reputation was "impeccable for honesty and integrity". Others who had spoken with Trump Tuesday said that the president's ambiguity on Mueller was intentional and that the possibility of being fired would help keep Mueller in line. "If there were not good cause it wouldn't matter what anyone said".

The appearances, however, are likely to be overshadowed by Attorney General Jeff Sessions' public appearance at a Senate intelligence committee hearing. An order from the president would not necessarily qualify, he said.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions heatedly denied on Tuesday having an undisclosed meeting with Russia's ambassador to the US and declared it was a "detestable and appalling lie" to suggest he was aware of or took part in any collusion between Russian Federation and the election campaign that sent Donald Trump to the White House.

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein says that a history of political giving is not a disqualifier for those who work for the Department of Justice's special counsel investigating Russian interference in US elections. "If so, I infinite dare [Trump] to fire the special counsel", he tweeted.

Top House GOP leaders appeared frustrated at the news conference about the multiple questions about Mueller's probe and what might happen if he were forced out of his position.

While the White House has denied any intention to fire Mueller, close associates of Trump, including former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, are increasingly criticizing the Russian Federation probe as too "political". Then, crucially, he says that according to the special counsel regulations, Mueller "may be fired only for good cause", and that he is "required to put that cause in writing". I think he's weighing that option.

A few days later, Mr Trump individually asked Mr Coats and Mr Rogers to issue public statements to the effect that there was no evidence of co-ordination between his campaign and Russian Federation. Look who he is hiring.check fec reports.

If Sekulow provided the legal framework for firing Mueller, Ann Coulter and Newt Gingrich supplied the political messaging: Trump has been exonerated and Mueller is biased.

"Although Ruddy said he thinks" it would be a very significant mistake", he claimed that there wasn't a justification for a special counsel.

Trump has expressed frustrations with Sessions, one of the president's earliest high-profile backers.

Vega seemed to scoff at the Trump administration's defense when they said Ruddy didn't speak with Trump, which was something Ruddy corroborated on MSNBC.

He said Trump had called him Monday night and the two discussed Gingrich's concerns about the probe. The person spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss private conversations. And the Daily Caller reported on Tuesday that included an interview with Mueller.

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