Dave Grohl's eight-year-old daughter joins Foo Fighters on stage

Watch Foo Fighters Premiere New Song 'Lah Di Da' at Iceland Festival

Watch Foo Fighters Premiere New Song “Lah Di Da” in Iceland

During their set Friday at Iceland's Secret Solstice Festival, Foo Fighters premiered a new song called "Lah Di Da". They played for one and a half hours, a blend of old hits and brand new songs.

"About two weeks ago, my daughter said, 'Daddy, I want to play the drums, '" Dave Grohl told the crowd. And then he introduced her on stage.

Dave Grohl is apparently fond of Iceland, and said that if he'd decide to move to another country, it would be Iceland.

The elder Grohl noted that this was the first song that Harper learned on drums as she surely begins her journey to dominate rock and roll much like her father did. And I said, 'Ok, you want me to teach you?' And she said yes.

Harper then wowed the crowd with her recognizable beats for a rendition of Queen's We Will Rock You, and they even joined in to support her.

"There's another Grohl on the drum set now", he said.

Of course, when your teacher is the former drummer for Nirvana - who has also pounded the skins for the likes of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Paul McCartney and Jimmy Page, to name a few - you're bound to pick up a few awesome tricks. "My days are numbered", exclaimed Hawkins at the end of the performance.

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