26 hurt when China Eastern flight hits turbulence

Over 20 injured when China Eastern flight from Paris to Kunming hits turbulence – media

Over 20 Injured When China Eastern Flight Hits Turbulence

"At least 20 ppl injured after a China Eastern plane ran into turbulence during flight from Paris to Kunming on Sunday", tweeted People's China Daily.

Other passengers on flight MU774, which was scheduled to land in the capital of Yunnan province at 7:40am, also reported feeling sick, news portal Thepaper.cn reported.

Twenty six people were injured, including four with severe injuries, suffered from bone fractures, scalp lacerations, soft tissue injuries and other light wounds, due to baggage falling or crushing on overhead bins, according to the hospitals.

An injured passenger said: "We felt strong turbulence twice and minor turbulence three times.

All passengers and crew members were landed safely", she said.

China Eastern Airlines posted on Weibo that passengers on the Airbus A330 had been provided relevant medical services and reminded customers to buckle their seat belts while flying. "The process lasted about 10 minutes", the agency quoted a slightly injured passenger surnamed Zhang as saying.

The airline did not respond to questions from AFP. "We feel lucky the plane did not crash".

"We applauded when the plane landed safely", an injured passenger surnamed Shang was quoted as saying.

A week ago, a China Eastern Airlines flight to Shanghai had to turn back to Sydney after a technical failure which left a hole in an engine casing.

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