What's the big deal about Wonder Woman?

Summary: Before she was Wonder Woman she was Diana, princess of the Amazons, trained warrior.

Now that Gal Gadot is a bonafide movie star after the record-breaking success of Wonder Woman, everyone's interested in learning more about her.

The problem for Warner Bros., though, is that they only locked in director Patty Jenkins for one film. The Israeli actress recently made a startling revelations which will no doubt impress you beyond measure. And she should! A major reason why the film works as well as it does is Jenkins' vision and passion, so she absolutely deserves a raise to return for the follow-up. Director Patty Jenkins helmed the movie Monster back in 2003.

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According to reports, "Wonder Woman" did not have many reshoot days, but there was one scene in particular director Patty Jenkins wanted something extra for after seeing a cut of the movie.

Wonder Woman was set to play in 3D with subtitles for over 230 audience members on Wednesday night. Though it's a point to note that most male superhero costumes have them covered from head to toe but Wonder Woman must show skin.

You can feel the love and gratitude exuding from every word the actress says to her fans.

The Hollywood Reporter has the surprising news about Jenkins not being signed on to direct Wonder Woman 2, but in reality, it's not that shocking of a story. Women are exhausted of sex and want to see men get their ass kicked is my analysis.

As of right now, Warner Bros. has not announced a Wonder Woman sequel, but the critical acclaim, as well as its great opening weekend, would surely be convincing enough for the studio executives. But what's important to me is that girls like my niece now have another story of success paving the way to their own, hopefully brighter, future.

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