Hawaii Becomes First US State To Adopt Goals in Paris Climate Accord

The ruler of the tiny city-state on the Mediterranean Sea told reporters Wednesday that if he met the US leader he would also tell him to "look at the tremendous implications that go along with having the USA withdraw from the Paris agreement". The agreement wants to limit global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. Will it spell doom for mother earth?

That is despite Trump's announcement last week that he would pull the country out of the 2015 Paris global accord. The United States is the second biggest emitter of global warming gas next to China. These top two emitters both ratified the agreement on September 03, 2016.

David Ige signed legislation that supports the Paris Accord this week, making it the first state to implement aspects of the worldwide agreement to fight climate change, reports NBC News.

This decision comes less than a week after President Donald Trump announced the USA would withdraw from the agreement, alleging it imposed unfair environmental standards on American businesses and workers.

"President Trump is keeping his word and getting America out of a bad deal", said Barrasso.

The agreement, a partially legally-binding commitment, proposed to free the world of fossil fuels by the end of the century. J. Kalani English said in the statement. French President Emmanuel Macron posted a video online in English calling on climate scientists to come to France and ending with the message, "We all share the same responsibility, make our planet great again". According to news reports, there are about 30 mayors, three governors, more than 80 university presidents and more than 100 businesses who still want to honor the Paris climate accord.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt touted U.S. emissions reductions over past years and said that despite withdrawing from the Paris accord, the Trump administration would continue to engage others, particularly developing nations, on the effort. Though the details and deadline of this proposal are limited, thousands of American mayors and state Governors have insisted that they would be following the Paris Accord at a state and city-wide level.

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