Curry and Durant want Warriors stay

And different kinds of ceremonies and traditions that have happened around championship winning teams, we don't want that to taint what we accomplished this year.

That resume helps make them the best team the National Basketball Association has ever seen, but historical trends for so-called super teams show it's likely they could be even better next season.

"It was 55 seconds left", he noted, "and I bent down, and I'm like, 'Is this really happening?' And Draymond (Green) was like, 'Keep playing to the end.' Andre is like, 'Keep playing.' We have like 50 seconds left".

Durant, the MVP of the Finals, had 39 points, and Curry added 34 for the Warriors, who captured the best-of-seven series 4-1 against the defending champions.

It was an unprecedented third consecutive meeting between the clubs in the finals and both appear ready to continue their domination of conference rivals on the way to an annual showdown for the crown.

But just like they were in 2015, the Warriors were too hot to handle. "Pretty much all their big-name guys are in their 20s, and they don't show any signs of slowing down". And in two of their Finals appearances (2003 against the New Jersey Nets and 2007 against James and the Cavalier), the average TV audience was less than 10 million, including a Finals worst 9.29 million in 2007's sweep of Cleveland.

However, those odds increased to minus-200 after Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry & Co. ran roughshod over the Cavs en route a historic 16-1 run in the 2017 NBA Playoffs. "Steve will be our coach". "It's fun to be part of this".

While the Cleveland Cavaliers lost the 2017 NBA Finals, the last three years have been some of the most rewarding and satisfying for their fans. How does he not compromise the squad needed to fight past rivals to reach the Finals?

"I do know me and KD had a conversation along with Draymond and Klay and Andre previous year before he even showed up that that was kind of the identity of who we are as a team that we understand how important it is, the guys that are here", Curry said.

"I can remember that conversation on my sofa, the look in his eyes", Wanda Durant said. "So we will see, but I will get away from the game a little bit". "They're assembled as good as you can assemble, and I played against some really, really good teams that was assembled perfectly, and they're right up there". "It's a compliment to the 14 guys that allow me to do that and the coaching staff".

James could opt out of his contract after next season, so he will want to see some progress.

"It would mean everything [to stay together]", Curry said.

The Warriors are an unselfish collection of big-time players. "On the other hand", Silver said, "we should also celebrate excellence". "What we've built here is truly special".

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