Anita Pallenberg, actress and Keith Richards' longtime girlfriend, dead at 73

Anita Pallenberg and Keith Richards

R.I.P. Anita Pallenberg 1944-2017 by Paul Cashmere

"How Anita came to be with Brian is really the story of how the Stones became the Stones", Faithfull wrote. "The greatest woman I have ever known". You showed about life and myself and how to grow and become and exist with it all. The secret lyrical you.

Pallenberg and Richards were together for 12 years, although they never married. Thank you for the most important lessons - because they are ever changing and definitive. I went into this - what do they call it before you become a butterfly? - cocoon for a long time.

Designer Cozette McCreary was one of many well-known names to fondly remember Pallenberg in an Instagram post this morning, posting a recent picture of the late star with the caption: "Beaming beauty busy making drinks and chatting up my boyfriend, letting him take this picture in her kitchen as we snapped Bella's look book". Fellow Stones-adjacent singer Marianne Faithfull credited Pallenberg with transforming the band from well-liked rockers into cultural heroes, writing in her 1994 biography, "She nearly single-handedly engineered a cultural revolution in London by bringing together the Stones and the jeunesse dorée..." She spoke three languages.

She explained: "I don't think they were lost years".

A countercultural icon, Pallenberg refused to be boxed into simple roles like "girlfriend" or "groupie" in her relationship with the group. After that she lived with Richards.

In Richards' biography he also claimed that she had a fling with frontman Mick Jagger. Sources told the Daily Mirror newspaper that Keith - who also has two children with wife Patti Hansen - was there for Anita in her final months, cared about her enormously and was "completely devastated" by her death.

Below are some tributes that poured in on Twitter after the news of Pallenberg's death.

Pallenberg was a dominating force in the band's life: her criticisms caused songs to be remixed, and her forceful personality and penchant for mysticism caused Richards to describer her as "a valkyrie" in his 2010 autobiography, Life. "That's one of the wonders of drugs and drink".

"I didn't feel anything", she said of the death, for which she was subsequently cleared.

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