Warriors clinch National Basketball Association title to continue golden age

LeBron James had a stellar Finals average of 41 points 13 rebounds and eight assists, and Kyrie Irving - the Cavs' All-Star playmaker and one of the architects of last year's championship - contributed 26 points and six assists.

"We're champions and we did it on our own floor", he said.

After the Cavaliers won the title in 2016, Golden State's focus turned to a player who wasn't in the NBA Finals: Durant.

"The way that he embraced the opportunity in the Finals, it was unbelievable", Curry said.

"And that last three minutes was a blur just of pure emotion and energy". At that time, we did not do a very good job of listening to the PA announcer and we did not hear him announce it.

"I had a letdown a year ago", Green said. Then he moved across the podium and hugged Stephen Curry before accepting his shiny MVP trophy and hoisting it for everyone to see. "This is something we want to continue to do".

"Yeah, they messed that one up bad", Green said. You learn from your disappointing times. "But like I told everyone before, if Kevin Durant was the consolation prize, thanks for that loss".

The Warriors won the title in 2015 before the Cavaliers made their historic comeback a year ago.

Green finished with 16 points and 14 rebounds but the Warriors still lost 137-116 to the Cleveland Cavaliers. "It's different just because of what happened past year". "I'm really proud where I am right now as a player and being as consistent every year as I've been".

"Call us a super team", Durant continued, "but it's been a lot of super teams that hasn't worked". That's a historical fact, as noted late Monday by an older, wiser, characteristically candid Draymond Green. "But we were able to keep our eyes open to someone who could make this whole thing complete". I came in and tried to help my team. Then Kerr got back into frustrated coach mode, and argued some more.

"He has had an fantastic career, but he took it to the next level". "He was incredible all season long. He had an fantastic series, just dominated", Kerr said.

A year ago, these Warriors fell short after a record-setting season that included a 24-0 start and 73 victories at the end to break the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls' wins mark. "Mike Callahan came up to John (Goble) and asked him who was the tech on and he said Kerr". The Warriors won the title in 2015 in six games, while the Cavaliers dramatically won in 2016 in seven, becoming the first team in National Basketball Association history to win a series trailing 3-1. "We put in everything we had, our heart, soul and sweat, everything", he said. "So it would be a great feeling".

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