Theresa May to face Conservative Party questioning over poll setback

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Theresa May to face Conservative Party questioning over poll setback

Also, the European Union seems to be taking advantage of the weak Prime Minister.

The uncertainty came as Theresa May's Conservatives continued talks with the Democratic Unionist Party to secure the support of the Northern Irish party's 10 MPs to get its agenda through Parliament, following an election result which left the Tories short of an absolute majority in the Commons. His is a more junior role and any changes to MPs in those positions is expected today.

Damian Green, a lawmaker in the pro-EU wing of the party, was promoted to first secretary of state - effectively deputy prime minister.

The threat of a leadership challenge from inside her own party hangs over her head - a threat vividly underlined Sunday when her former colleague-turned-nemesis George Osborne labeled her a "dead woman walking". He tweeted that an article in the Mail on Sunday newspaper headlined "Boris set to launch bid to be PM as May clings on" was "tripe". CAITLIN DE JODE, who grew up with the reality of this deeply conservative party in Ireland reveals why Theresa May's new partnership is deeply worrying for all of us.

With 318 seats in the House of Commons, the Conservatives remain the biggest single victor, but still fall behind securing the 326-mark of seats for a majority as they had before the snap election. Labour surpassed expectations by winning 262.

Following the disappointing results for the Conservative Party and the promising results for Labour in the June 8 general elections, many Britons are calling on May to resign and give way to the Labour Party to form a new government.

But Anna Soubry, a Conservative member of parliament who campaigned ahead of last year's referendum for Britain to stay in the European Union, disagreed.

'Running a country is more hard and she's formidably good at that.

The 60-year-old leader confirmed most of her ministers in her top team, or cabinet, an apparent reversal of earlier plans to turf out those who were considered as less than loyal, a day after accepting the resignations of her two closest aides.

Britain's Press Association, quoting two unnamed sources from the meeting, said May told lawmakers at a closed-door session that she admitted she was the one who "got us into this mess" and vowed that she would be the one who will "get us out of it".

Following the election, the Financial Times editorialised that "the sheer importance of this moment in Britain's history, suggests the idea of a national unity government, made up of ministers from both parties".

Over the weekend May, who appeared visibly shaken in TV interviews, used the one power that remains in her grip - a reshuffle of the Cabinet - to try to shore up her position and win allies.

However, when asked about whether the Brexit talks would start for real on June 19 as planned, Winterstein said: "I can not say".

The UK Government wants the talks to take place in parallel during the Brexit process.

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson, who took the party from one Scottish seat to 13, said there would now have to be "consensus within the country about what it means and what we seek to achieve as we leave". That means the DUP would back the government on confidence motions and budget votes, but it's not a coalition government or a broader pact.

The alliance makes some modernizing Conservatives uneasy. Notice that the Conservatives have rejected a more formal agreement due to the DUP's views on same sex marriage, death penalty and abortion.

Devolution in Northern Ireland is based on the template laid out in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement.

London's neutrality is key to the delicate balance of power in Northern Ireland, which was once plagued by violence over Britain's control of the province. Executives worry about increased compliance expenses that might come with a loss of common British and European Union rules, said the study.

Westminster was rife with speculation that the State Opening of Parliament may be delayed, after the Prime Minister's official spokesman declined to confirm it would go ahead on the scheduled date of June 19.

Additional delay may be caused by the fact the Queen's Speech is written on goatskin parchment paper, which requires several days for the ink to dry.

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