Survival horror shooter Days Gone gets new 7-minute gameplay video

Just some time ago we got know about a zombie killing game Days Gone, and now at E3 2017, a gameplay video explain how incredible it is. This time the zombie apocalypse is coming in lone ranger form, with hordes to fend off at every turn.

You can also use these zombies to your advantage and divert their attention towards human enemies that you might face along the way. Not entirely sure if that's accurate. Those heaving zombie masses too look grand though, and who the hell can argue with a zombie bear! The second one we've seen this E3, the first being from Metro Exodus.

"Days Gone" is an open-world game set two years after a devastating global pandemic, where much of humanity has turned into monstrous flesh-eating zombies. The main character is fairly bland, the usual merc with few friends.

Days Gone is being developed by SIE Bend Studio, known (under its earlier moniker Eidetic) for 1999 stealth game Syphon Filter and several sequels. No release date was given.

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