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Revealed Mueller's Team Heading Trump Russia Probe Donated Big to US Democrats

In April, the New York Times reported that Comey began jotting down his interactions with Trump after a January 6 meeting at Trump Tower, following which the former FBI Director felt Trump was apparently seeking favours.

But Comey seemed unconcerned about that prospect when he acknowledged the move Thursday before a throng of cameras and a packed Senate intelligence committee hearing room.

The Comey-Trump relationship is a tale of a bureaucratically agile and self-serving careerist matched against an institutionally ignorant and self-serving outsider.

"Mr. Comey has now admitted that he is one of the leakers".

Philip Allen Lacovara, a former deputy solicitor general in the U.S. Justice Department, told As It Happens host Carol Off that he believed Comey's testimony was enough to establish elements of a crime.

Some of President Donald Trump's own advisers have lost confidence in his ability to outlast the Russian Federation scandal. He also made no mention of it during a speech at a Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in Washington, which took place during Comey's testimony. He said he documented the January 6 conversation based on a "gut feeling" about "the nature of the person" he had just met.

Comey went on to say that's when he shared the memos with his friend who is a Columbia Law professor. "Those were lies, plain and simple", Comey said.

While Comey's statement implies that Sessions' recusal from FBI's investigation was out of the blue, the DOJ's statement states otherwise. He turned over one of his own documents to a friend.

The reporter asked Comey Jr. if had any reaction to the week's events, including his testimony before the Senate. Comey explicitly testified that he did this to trigger an escalation: "I asked him to because I thought that might prompt the appointment of a special counsel". "A president may have different political imperatives, but Trump's tweet logorrhea does not reflect a well-thought-out strategy". He detailed Trump's "shifting explanations" for firing him.

But if Comey's account is true that the president asked him for his loyalty and that he drop the Flynn investigation, it could leave Trump in legal jeopardy.

Spicer noted, though, that Trump was "not waiting for anything". "Infrastructure Week turned into Comey Week".

"Yes", Comey testified. "The president tweeted on Friday after I got fired that I better hope there's not tapes". Director Coates said the same thing.

Comey came across as a calm, credible witness whose contemporaneous notes of his encounters with Trump, before and after inauguration, added to the authority of his words.

Comey spoke about a February 16 meeting in the Oval Office, in which Trump ordered Attorney General Jeff Sessions and senior advisor and son-in-law Jared Kushner to leave the room before he chatted with Comey.

Some Republicans on the committee yielded to Comey without resistance.

In a letter to the intelligence committee's chairman, Sen. Admiral Rogers testified that the President never "directed [him] to do anything. illegal, immoral, unethical or inappropriate" and never "pressured [him] to do so". In addition, Trump declared that the hearing failed to establish that he'd colluded with the Russians to manipulate the 2016 election or tried to stop the federal probe of whether Trump aides helped the Russians with their hacking. Kasowitz took no questions and presented no documentation, contemporaneous or otherwise.

"My judgment was I need to get that out into the public square", Comey said.

According to Kasowitz, the memos Comey wrote and released expose the then-FBI director as a prejudiced conspirator.

Comey boldly accused the president of lying. In fact, he kept quiet about Trump's improper attempts to influence him.

Instead, it turned out to be one of Trump's longest periods away from Twitter, relying instead on his surrogates and communications staff to respond to Comey's allegations. Immediately after the meeting, Comey went to his auto and started typing his first memo, building the evidence he would need in the event of national or personal betrayal. Comey said he took Trump's words not as just a "hope" but as a "direction" from the highest official in the land - an order he was not about to obey. Trump said in a tweet last month after Comey was sacked.

All eyes were on the former director as he spoke about the FBI's ongoing investigation into Russian meddling in the US presidential election.

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