Apple WWDC 2017 Highlights: Whats new?

We recently saw what was insider the new Apple iMac and now the guys over at iFixit have taken the new Retina MacBook 2017 apart.

The entire line has been moved to Intel's Kaby Lake series of processors along with options to have up to 32GB of RAM on the 21.5-inch models and up to 64GB RAM on the 27-inch models. A new full-sized Smart Keyboard has been custom-designed for the 10.5-inch iPad Pro, offering a thin yet durable keyboard that never needs to be charged or paired over Bluetooth and is easily foldable into a protective Smart Cover.

Processor: This might be the biggest change - the 13-inch MacBook 2017 comes with Intel's 7th generation Kaby Lake 26GHz quad-core Intel i7 processor replacing the 29GHz Intel i5 dual-core processor on the 2016 model. That alone should be enough to stir excitement among diehard MacBook fans but to make sure consumers will line up for the new laptop, Apple chose to alter its keyboard a bit.

Memory: Apple stated at WWDC2017 that the solid state drives (SSDs) on the 2017 MacBook Pro would be 50 percent faster than SSDs in previous models.

Among the suprises in Apple's WWDC Mac announcements-besides the fact that the MacBook Air lives on-was that the 12-inch Apple MacBook and the 13-inch MacBook Pro now start at $1,299 in their respective base configurations. You can also visit a retail Apple store near you. It makes sense for Apple to care so much about the display, obviously, since the display is increasingly the only thing an iPad has.

Apple officially unveiled its newest iPad Pro 2, and it looks like the new tablet is about to kick Microsoft's Surface Pro to the curb. The 12.9-inch model gains performance updates, and also a new sibling. However, Apple's new iPad Pro 2 is up for grabs in four colors, silver, space gray rose gold and gold.

The new device comes in two display variants, the 10.5-inch and the 12.9-inch.

Both iPad Pro sizes have improved screens that feature ProMotion, Apple's term for the ability to redraw at 120 Hz, double the current rate.

Perhaps the item that will get the most attention is HomePod, a new smart speaker Apple has been developing for a few years that promises to bring great-sounding audio into the home, controlled via Siri voice commands. Apple's own apps including Siri, Apple Music, Photos, and Mail will get significant updates, while deep learning technology will understand a user's preferences over time for better Siri responses, text suggestions, content to read and more.

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