Apple Unveils 'HomePod,' Its New Siri-Powered Home Speaker

Considering the fact that Apple own Beats and targeting Google and Amazon with something they don't have yet does makes sense.

With the smart speakers, users can do anything from ordering a pizza to turning off the lights in their house.

The Company that has entered the market late is already facing some serious competition from Amazon and Google despite being one of the first to deliver the Siri voice assistant for their iPhones in 2011.

"Just like the iPod reinvented music in our pockets, HomePod is going to reinvent music in our homes", said Apple's head of worldwide marketing Phil Schiller at the company's Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday. The natural comparison here is to "smart speakers" like the Amazon Echo and Google Home. HomePod can also provide deep knowledge of personal music preferences and tastes and helps users discover new music. And prospective buyers will have to be content with the white and Space Grey colour options once the HomePod is released in December. But while consumers likely will view the device as the latest addition to a market now dominated by Amazon and Google, Apple has bigger plans for its new product.

As stated earlier, Siri is omnipresent in the speaker just a command "Hey Siri" away from playing a song for you.

The HomePod's sound was bigger and bolder than the Play:3, one of the current market leaders when it comes to home speaker systems.

However, tell what you may to Apple fanatics, the HomePod is not without its obvious limits. Under the hood is a proprietary Apple A8 chip, the same processor powering the iPhone 6.

Very much a device for consumer use, the HomePod is potentially an interesting prospect for software and online service developers, who are likely to be presented with another smart home device on which they could create apps for or more likely integrate their existing apps with.

Using the wake command "Hey Siri", the much-rumoured device can play music as well as answer queries and control other smart home appliances.

End-February 2017, Apple finally addresses its most visually controversial product from 2013, the Mac Pro, also dubbed as the "dustbin shaped Mac".

Apple has not confirmed the price of the HomePod for the UK.

The device features what Apple calls innovative signal processing, which allows Siri to process request from afar, even with the music playing at full blast.

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