White House aide says Russian Federation probe 'detracts' from agenda

President Donald Trump waves as he departs an Air Traffic Control Reform Initiative event in the East Room at the White House Monday

White House aide says Russian Federation probe 'detracts' from agenda

Those reports, which cited sources close to the ousted FBI director, said Trump asked Comey to pledge his loyalty to the president and to stop the investigation into former national security adviser Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn.

The potential for explosive testimony from Comey that could impact a sitting president makes Thursday's hearing a highly anticipated event, akin to the hearings in the 1970s examining the Watergate scandal, said Linda Peek-Schacht, a political adviser who worked in President Jimmy Carter's White House.

Lawmakers from both parties are urging President Donald Trump not to stand in the way of fired FBI Director James Comey, who is scheduled to testify before the Senate Intelligence Committee investigating possible Trump campaign ties to Russian Federation.

A spokesman said the presidential powers known as executive privilege will not be employed.

"President Trump will not assert executive privilege regarding James Comey's scheduled testimony", the White House said in a statement.

Republican Sen. Susan Collins agreed that she's eager to hear Comey's testimony.

White House aide says Russian Federation probe 'detracts' from agenda
White House aide says Russian Federation probe 'detracts' from agenda

While acknowledging no "smoking gun at this point", Warner said he wants "to know what kind of pressure, appropriate, inappropriate, how many conversations he had with the president about this topic".

The investigations began after USA intelligence agencies concluded Russia hacked Democratic National Committee computer servers past year with the intent of inflicting damage on the campaign of Democratic Party candidate Hillary Clinton, who political analysts say, Russian President Vladimir Putin despised.

News has yet to confirm whether or not they will carry the hearing live.

The move sparked accusations that Trump dismissed Comey to hinder that investigation and stifle questions about possible collusion between his campaign and Russian Federation. However, the report suggests he was removed from the office for investigating Trump and his aide Michael Flynn for allegedly seeking the intervention of Russian Federation ahead of elections. Trump has denied doing that, emphatically saying, "no, no, next question" when asked about it at a news conference last month. White House and senior foreign affairs correspondent Margaret Brennan will report from the White House, while chief congressional correspondent Nancy Cordes will report from inside the hearing on Capitol Hill.

"I never met with him". He was asked if there was a similar terror threat inside the United States.

They will also certainly question the star witness on Trump's insistence - in a letter telling Comey of his dismissal - that he told the President on three occasions he was not being personally investigated.

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