Twitter Bot Reformats Trump's Tweets as Official White House Statements

The Latest WH says Trump won't block Comey testimony

Twitter Bot Reformats Trump's Tweets as Official White House Statements

After pressed that Trump's tweets are policy, Gorka said: "They are not policy".

Since Trump took office, he's continued sending the same kinds of colorful messages via Twitter he sent while operating as a private citizen.

President Donald Trump's insane tweeting habits have become an essential part of his persona and presidency.

In response to the president's reaction to the Saturday attacks at London Bridge and Borough Market - which left seven dead and dozens more injured - coder and activist Russel Neiss has launched a new Twitter bot that translates all of Trump's tweets into "official" White House statements.

It's a very amusing joke, but it's also important to note Haberman's point that Trump's tweets are basically short forms of presidential statements.

But a biting new Twitter account shows why Trump's tweets are hardly trivial missives that should be ignored by the press, per Conway's insistence. Trump, on the other hand, chose to lash out at London Mayor Sadiq Khan. "It's social media. You know the difference, right?"

The account now has more than 50,000 followers on Twitter, with some praising it as an alternative to the official press secretary, Sean Spicer.

But this Twitter bot destroys that pretense and reminds us that the man who has his "finger on the button" as leader of the United States, is using the country's most powerful office to say things many thought they'd never hear come from the halls of the White House. "But at the same time I do think that the media obsesses over every period, dot". Whether made on Twitter, said in a speech, or released on paper, all are statements from the president.

The press isn't the only institution keeping an eye on the president's Twitter feed.

Trump woke up on Monday morning and rattled of a series of tweets that lambasted his own Justice Department, undercut the credibility of his press secretary and attacked the mayor of London, who is now trying to navigate his city though its latest act of terrorism.

Neal Katyal, a former senior official on Barack Obama's Justice Department who is representing Hawaii in challenging the ban, underscored the point Monday.

Even Conway's husband, George Conway, who recently withdrew himself from consideration for a job at DOJ criticized the president's tweets on the travel ban. "When push comes to shove, what matters is what's in Trump's head".

More immediately, Trump's musings on Twitter are proving to be an unhelpful distraction for his team.

"I sympathize", Williams said, "with the plight of the White House communications staff". Trump asked a campaign rally audience in August.

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