'Travel ban' case likely hurt after president's Twitter rant

TUESDAY FEB. 15 2016

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"He cares that we call it national security and that we take steps to protect the people of this country".

"Trump's lawyers will likely have to explain what he means by calling the second travel ban politically correct compared to the first", said Micah Schwartzman, a professor at the University of Virginia School of Law.

Mr. Trump ratcheted up his rhetoric against terrorism soon after the London attack. All the three attackers were shot dead by police, even as the authorities have made at least a dozen arrests in east London and were carrying out further raids.

US President Donald Trump appeared to undermine his administration's legal case for a temporary travel ban, assailing the justice department on Monday for a revised version of the measure that he called "watered down" and "politically correct". That's a problem for Trump since the Department of Justice has argued the President's campaign rhetoric-which called for a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the country"-should be off limits when considering the constitutionality of the order and that the order as written is without animus toward any particular religion".

A public policy analyst and constitutional attorney believes President Trump's travel ban will ultimately come before the U.S. Supreme Court - and that the high court will come down on the side of the president.

Trump also wrote that the Justice Department "should ask for an expedited hearing of the watered down Travel Ban before the Supreme Court - & seek much tougher version!" But Trump also posted that "the courts are slow and political!".

Next week, those suing are expected to file arguments on the matter with the Supreme Court, and Trump's latest remarks will surely be part of their briefs. NY lawyer George T. Conway III, whose wife is White House aide Kellyanne Conway, wrote that online statements "may make some ppl feel better", but won't help win a Supreme Court majority. "We don't need the help but will take it!"

Kellyanne Conway on Monday condemned what she called the media's "obsession with covering everything (Trump) says on Twitter and very little of what he does as president".

Omar Jadwat, the attorney for the American Civil Liberties Union, said Trump had "undercut the picture the government has been trying to paint".

Trump's adversaries certainly welcomed his tweets. The Trump administration followed that up with a version that narrowed the scope of the original order.

The travel ban was supposed to be a temporary measure, created to afford the administration time to conduct a review and decide what new vetting procedures were necessary.

But advisers close to Trump acknowledge that what the President calls his immigration plan - a travel ban, or worse, a "Muslim ban" - matters to the likelihood that it gets past federal courts and the Supreme Court.

Wall told the 4th Circuit last month that the administration had "put our pens down" and had "done nothing to review the vetting procedures for these countries".

That claim about vetting may come as news to the justices.

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