Climate action continues despite U.S. withdrawal: COP22 President

On Friday, Peduto signed an executive order to join over 80 other cities committed to the National Climate Action Agenda, a mayoral compact endorsing the 2030 objectives outlined in the Paris Agreement.

He said: "The US will meet our Paris commitment and through a partnership among American cities, states, and businesses, we will seek to remain part of the Paris Agreement process".

Media mogul and former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg submitted a "statement of unity" Monday from hundreds of mayors, governors, CEOs and university presidents pledging to "achieve and eventually exceed" America's commitment to the Paris climate change agreement.

European leaders have said the Paris accord can not be renegotiated. He sent a second tweet debunking one of Trump's claims about the Paris agreement. Trump barely mentioned the global warming that the Paris Agreement aims to ameliorate, suggesting that he continues to think that climate change is, as he once put it, a "hoax". India had signed the Paris climate pact not because of pressure from any country or due to lure of money, she said. Jerry Brown (D), and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee (D) on Thursday announced the formation of a coalition of states supporting the Paris agreement, called the United States Climate Alliance.

The first time, Pruitt was asked for a simple yes or no answer on whether Trump thinks climate change is real. Make our planet great again, ' Macron said.

When asked what his personal view is on global warming and whether human activity contributes at all to global warming, Pruitt referenced his confirmation hearing.

The Democratic governors' new pact commits to that same goal, which requires a 26 to 28 percent reduction in emissions from 2005 levels.

China, the world's biggest polluter, vowed to battle climate change.

For example, nine of the top 10 states that have installed wind power are Republican states, he said.

"Together, a bunch of states can reduce emissions the equivalent to what's needed by Paris", Jacobson said. As expected, Democrats are even more critical, with clear majorities saying that abandoning the Paris accord will cost jobs and hurt the economy. But the reverse may also be true, he said.

Gore said at the time the Clinton White House agreed with that position and it became the policy of the United States for the entire period the Kyoto accord was in effect - right up to its official demise at the end of 2012.

The benefit of federal government involvement, Selin said, is that it would have lifted the laggards and forced them to take further action.

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