2 charged for deadly Oakland warehouse blaze that killed 36

2 charged for deadly Oakland warehouse blaze that killed 36

2 charged for deadly Oakland warehouse blaze that killed 36

The San Jose Mercury News reported, citing an unnamed source, that Almena was taken into custody in Lake County, while Harris was apprehended in Los Angeles.

As of Monday afternoon there is no specific date and time for Almena and Harris' arraignment.

Alexander and other lawyers are suing Almena, Harris, Ng and others for wrongful death.

Court documents show Almena was the primary tenant and rented space to as many as 25 people to live and work in the building licensed only as a warehouse. People described extension cords running willy-nilly throughout the building, which was a warren of wooden structures, dozens of pianos, house trailers and RVs. Today, a step towards justice has been taken. Almena was an operator of the Ghost Ship warehouse in Oakland, in which dozens of people died in a fire that started December 2, 2016.

Harris, 27, was given his title after Almena, 47, allowed Harris, along with his girlfriend and three children, to live in the multi-story Ghost Ship, according to the probable cause affidavit filed Monday.

More than six months after the fatal blaze, authorities have not disclosed what caused the fire but have said they are investigating electrical causes. "But's it's a matter of being accountable for the lives".

But other than knowing their past, Almena and his family blended in. In the process, Ghost Ship became the worst fire in the United States in almost 15 years.

"The owner of the space from what I know leased out the space as a place where we would host events and do dance classes and workshops and concerts and music", he said.

Each defendant could face up to 39 years in prison if convicted.

Now, two of the space's proprietors have been arrested for involuntary manslaughter.

Harris was Almena's "creative director", the local newspaper reports, and is accused of planning the December 2 event and blocking off one of two exits as he prepared for it. Oakland Fire Department Chief Teresa Deloach Reed even described the building as being "like a maze". "They then filled that area with human beings, and are now facing the consequences". "I said it was terminal and was getting worse, and he just asked for more money". "We all have a lot of anger at Derick for all of this". "It's not going to bring him back".

Both Almena and Ng's family face multiple lawsuits from the loved ones of those who died. They have also sued PG&E, saying the utility supplied power to the doomed artist space with "blatant disregard" for the safety of the people in the building.

She wrote that at the top of the stairs was what witnesses described as a ramp or "gang plank" connecting the stairs to the second floor and witnesses described them "as risky and narrow, only allowing a group of people to travel up or down the stairs in a single file".

Drenick confirmed that the district attorney's office has concluded its investigation into the fire.

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