Lebanon officially bans 'Wonder Woman' from theaters

A United Nations -monitored ceasefire has largely held since the 2006 war, which also displaced a million people in Lebanon and almost 500,000 in Israel.

Currently, Lebanon and Israel are technically at war with one another, a fact that influenced the Lebanese Ministry of Economy's decision to bar Wonder Woman from the country.

A group called Campaign to Boycott Supporters of Israel-Lebanon has pressed an effort against the movie.

The film, starring Israel-born actress Gal Gadot, has officially been banned from screenings in the country, which is in a conflict with Israel, The Guardian reports.

A security official said a formal request for a ban has not yet been received. "I was bruised all the time, but nothing major", she says.

On its front page Wednesday, the leading al-Akhbar newspaper had a column titled: "The Israeli soldier".

Gal Gadot poses with her Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins on the new cover of The Hollywood Reporter.

The Warner Bros movie returns to the origins of Diana Prince, growing up in an all-female paradise island of Amazonian warriors who teach her knowledge, language and fighting skills. She played the iconic DC Comics super heroine already in last year's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, now in the upcoming solo film and in next November's all-star flick Justice League. Israel has signalled that the targets were smuggling sophisticated weapons to Lebanon. "That was painful. Other than that, honestly we got to work with such professionals that they made sure once we get to set, we're 100 per cent ready - no room for any question marks or mistakes". She is a director who has proven herself at character and story first, with action and special effects always taking a backseat to the narrative and the people. "We don't distinguish between a good Israeli and a bad Israeli", Masri said.

A few years ago, DC Comics chose to rejuvenate its superhero movie universe line-up (motivated by the Marvel movie success) using Wonder Woman as one of its main players. "We have to respect that, but we have few questions".

Fahed said previous movies with Gadot were shown in Lebanese theatres and her new film will be viewed online and sold on DVD.

"The end result will only. affect the cinemas", Fahed said.

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