Soon You'll Be Able To Send Money Using Google Assistant

Whereas the smart speaker was connected only to small brands before, now you have three major brands integrating their various appliances with support for Google Assistant.

The Google news was fast and furious this week, with numerous announcements coming from its annual developers' conference, Google I/O 2017.

If you've got a device that's enrolled in the Android O Beta Program, you can check for this update by going into Settings System System updates.

Android Go is set to make its appearance in 2018 and will target Android devices with memories up to and including 1 GB.

One of the new features seems to be the ability to make and receive payments using the Google Assistant. Do you recollect the Android One program introduced in 2014? The Android Go is a stripped down version of the Android O and will run on smartphones with 1GB of RAM or less.

"Part of Android's mission is to bring computing to everyone", Burke wrote in his blog post. You simply choose your preferred card, enter a security code or authenticate with your Android device, and check out. To help developers fine-tune their own apps, Google has launched a "Building for Billions" Web page with technical tools and checklists for handling devices with a variety of connectivity, range, data management, and battery capabilities. The user will be asked to login to their Google account.

Once you receive the feature to send and receive payments via the Google Assistant on your device, you will be able to do it easily just by using the simple voice command.

Google hinted at how sending money would soon become much easier during this week's Google I/O keynote - and now the full extent of its plans have been revealed.

Once the new option becomes available, users will be able to say things like "Send $25 to Manuel Martinez" and then leave the Assistant to handle the rest.

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