Samsung releases SoundAssistant app for improved audio experience on Galaxy phones

Samsung looks more committed than ever to providing the best possible audio experience with today and tomorrow's high-end Galaxy phones, spending a whopping $8 billion on Harman International Industries primarily to bake the American company's premium sound technology in the chaebol's next-gen flagships.

The SoundAssistant app lets you control various functions of audio, and automatically switches the volume keys from controlling call volume to media volume for controlling the app that is now running on the smartphone. As a person who usually has their phone on silent, though, having it default to media volume would be far more useful than call volume. There's a Floating Equalizer in the app, too, which offers 150 steps of volume control. It even enables users to set individual volumes for different apps.

You can find Samsung's SoundAssistant app in the Play Store using the link below. The app will assist you in controlling the audio on your Galaxy device, giving you added controls and the ability to fine tune volume.

In layman's terms, that means it should be easy to program music to play on a Bluetooth headset and gaming audio on your phone's speaker, which feels rather convenient.

Finally, the Scenarios feature gives you the option of changing volume levels and vibration settings based on specific days and time durations. For now, compatible users can download the app for free from Google Play.

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