Texas House rejects attempts to strengthen 'bathroom bill'

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick told reporters he's willing to go to a special session if the House doesn't act on property taxes and a "bathroom bill" - which would regulate which restrooms transgender Texans can use.

He declined to speculate on details of the compromise.

Patrick also declared, "We will be in a special session caused by Joe Straus himself".

"The bill provides significant additional funding", House Majority Leader Don Hineman, a Dighton Republican, said.

"Don't turn this down here, today, because, 'Well, I'm afraid they don't have the money.'" Sears said. "The House has compromised enough on this issue".

Greg Abbott on Thursday signed into law a measure that aims to crack down on inappropriate student-teacher relationships. It will also ramp up penalties for school administrators who cover up those illicit relationships or transfer problem teachers from one school to another to sidestep disciplinary action. "This will also give us time to bring those ideas back to the citizens we represent and gain their input", Armstead said.

House Republicans want to soften the Senate on requiring transgender people to use bathrooms that correspond with the sex listed on their birth certificate. "Both sides get to present their case to the court and the Supreme Court will judge our work", says Rep. Mellissa Rooker, a moderate Republican from Fairway.

Patrick has said he does not plan to run against Abbott for Governor.

Most job cuts would have come from shuttering a program created to help businesses, cities and counties increase recycling and reduce trash.

"Like a mother with 67 offspring, after working very hard to put a meal on the table for them all, disappointing some and struggling to get the job done, the one offspring that knows how to press mom's buttons asked for more", Daniels said. The House last Friday passed its own plan to keep the sales tax as-is and foregoing the general income tax reduction.

But Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., called the bill "nothing short of a disaster", and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-San Francisco, took aim at provisions in the bill that the CBO said repeal $664 billion in taxes on high-income earners and insurers.

"The real rollback is one way to do it".

Patrick, who has threatened to force a special session if bathrooms and property taxes were not addressed, said Friday night that "ironically" it was Straus who made an extra session necessary when the House failed to pass legislation to continue the Texas Medical Board.

Miley said he looks forward to participating in productive negotiations during the break that he hopes will build some consensus between the Legislature and the governor on how to move forward.

Local governments, including cities, counties, school districts and other taxing entities, have opposed that.

But Patrick - who has spent months championing far-reaching restrictions on bathroom use - had said the amendment's "ambiguous language" didn't "appear to do much".

"Frankly some of the other threats in other states rang pretty hollow in a state like Texas", Republican Sen.

Democrats jumped on the report as further evidence that the GOP effort to repeal Obama's 2010 law - a staple of Donald Trump's presidential campaign and those of numerous GOP congressional candidates for years - would be destructive. State law says lawmakers are not allowed to hear revenue-raising measures during the last week of session, unless the governor calls for a concurrent session. "By signing this law, we're saying are we going to let that happen". "Texas is going to impose real and stiff consequences for any teacher who dares have any inappropriate relationship with his or her students".

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