Ex-MSU gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar back in court on assault allegations

Ex-MSU gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar back in court on assault allegations

Ex-MSU gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar back in court on assault allegations

Nassar was a doctor at Michigan State University and at USA Gymnastics, which trains Olympians. He also treated athletes at Twistars, a gymnastics club based in Lansing.

Angered by allegations that some members of USA Gymnastics were sexually abused, the House overwhelmingly backed legislation on Thursday that requires amateur sports groups recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee to report claims of sexual abuse to police.

The alleged victim said reading the Indianapolis Star article that featured Rachael Denhollander, another alleged victim in this case who testified May 12, encouraged her to see Nassar's actions as red flags.

Both "Victim A" and "Victim D" testified they were digitally penetrated by Nassar in an MSU clinic without a chaperone after the 2014 investigation, which is a direct violation of MSU's sanction at the conclusion of the Title IX investigation. Feinstein said her legislation would make it safe and easy for victims to report abuse and that organizations such as USA Gymnastics would have to ensure coaches and personnel are trained in sexual abuse prevention. Like several others before her, she said that a parent was in the room while Nassar treated her but that her mother's view was obstructed.

When asked re-direct questions, "Victim D" testified Nassar never asked for consent to digitally penetrate her. More than one of his accusers said the fact Nassar used his bare hand to penetrate them was an important factor in feeling that they had been assaulted.

In 2016, Victim D said she saw Nassar for treatment for hip pain before a national competition and that pain started to go away. She had a total of five appointments with him, she said.

During his time as a gymnast, she said she suffered from various injuries to her heel, back, and wrist. When asked why they didn't come forward sooner, the girls said they didn't realize the treatment was sexual abuse until they saw those stories, or were afraid they wouldn't be believed. She acknowledged that some of his treatments helped her back, but she said he never indicated that he would be touching her private areas with ungloved hands.

"Victim B" said she is still very uncomfortable talking about the appointments with Nassar. She said Nassar explained he could do a "massage" but told the dad he could leave the room because it would take a while. When Nassar returns, he was alone and not wearing gloves, she said.

"I felt embarrassed", she said when describing how she felt after the alleged sexual touching, but said she didn't say anything because Nassar was an authority figure and there was a level of trust.

Today's hearing began with the cross examination of Victim D by the defense attorneys.

Four girls, the oldest of whom recently turned 18, testified during the preliminary hearing that Nassar used his fingers to penetrate them when they visited him as minors to seek treatment for injuries they sustained during training.

She said told her parents about the alleged sexual abuse just before her 16th birthday.

"[The gift] made me feel special", she said.

On Friday, 55th District Court Judge Donald Allen Jr. heard testimonies from from "Victim D", "Victim A", "Victim E" and "Victim B", as they are identified in court records.

The preliminary examination is being held to determine whether there is enough evidence for Nassar to stand trial against certain criminal sexual assault charges.

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