Victorious Macron reminded of huge and immediate challenges

Victorious Macron reminded of huge and immediate challenges

Victorious Macron reminded of huge and immediate challenges

On Monday, key members of the centrist arm of The Republicans appeared ready to work with Macron despite the party hierarchy calling for unity to oppose the new president and calling those that were wavering "traitors".

Macron, a former economy minister and banker who has never held an elected post, received good news as two opinion polls published after his victory indicated that his year-old political movement, En Marche!

My humble advice to Macron: Don't follow America. The last time France had "cohabitation" was during in 1997-2002 under President Jacques Chirac, who described the setup as a state of "paralysis".

On Monday, the French Interior Ministry announced that Macron had been officially elected president after winning 66.1 percent of valid votes in the run-off.

Macron will on Tuesday mark the EU's Europe Day, the annual celebration of peace and unity in Europe. French voters on Sunday ultimately rejected her populist wave of "French-first" nationalism by a large margin, in which Le Pen had threatened to leave the European Union.

Le Pen wants to change the name of the party, in a bid to distance herself from the party's anti-Semitic past and her hard-line father, party founder Jean-Marie Le Pen.

Sylvie Goulard, a French deputy to the European Parliament, said Macron would make Berlin his first official visit, with perhaps a stop to see French troops stationed overseas as well. "He's got 24 hours", Griveaux said. "And so we have an enormous responsibility vis-a-vis the French people, who trust us", said Nicolas Bay, the party's secretary-general.

She welcomed his commitment to continued economic reforms and said bilateral cooperation remained a cornerstone of German foreign policy.

"A part of the export surplus is linked to the quality of our products", Merkel said when asked about suggestions made during the French presidential campaign that Germany needed to help Europe's economic laggards by importing more.

May has called an early election for June 8, arguing that her Conservatives need a bigger majority in order to stand firm against - and strike deals with - the EU.

"With markets having rallied throughout last week in expectation of a Macron win, there was little upside left for equities and the euro", said Chris Beauchamp, chief market analyst at IG.

He expressed hope that the two countries would further strengthen relations in line with common interests after Macron's victory and based on grounds prepared during recent years.

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