Steps to Protect Critical Business Data from WannaCry Ransomware Attack

Experts say the spread of the virus had been stymied by a security researcher in the United Kingdom hackers have issued new versions of the virus that cyber security organizations are actively trying to counter and stamp out. Once the software is executed it either replicates to infect other computers on the same network or encrypts the central business data store. And just as they are unlikely to pay for an upgrade to their operating systems, they may not want to - or be able to - pay for security fixes.

But renowned cybersecurity expert Dr. Diana Burley credits - in part - the rise of cyberattacks in recent years and the expanse of the weekend's global attack in the failure of the average computer user to take preventative measures to avoid such an attack. Around 200,000 victims in 150 countries have been affected, according to European Union police force Europol, many of them businesses including major corporations such as Nissan, FedEx and Hitachi. Those people "are at risk - they're probably not getting updates", he said.

The "WannaCry" ransomware attack does not seem to have been motivated by financial gain or to have been disseminated by social engineering.

Multi-layered security strategy: Use best-of-breed solutions for robust security and defense against the evolving threat landscape.

"This is possibly the biggest virus attack".

The bad news is, you might be stuck with paying or wiping your machine and starting over from a clean install. "This is the kind of thing you need to think about and be aware of". We'll get to some tips in a minute.

Who's being targeted for blame? In addition to this, another controversial pricing issue is that Microsoft is now charging users for additional security in the latest Windows 10 version.

A patch has since been issued to prevent the exploit from succeeding in spreading even further, with even the now 16 year old Windows XP receiving an update, revealing the scale of the problem.

What about Apple and Android devices? "Many of these same folks are running systems with outdated operating system versions".

Apple computers appear not to be affected by WannaCry, but that does not mean that Macs or iPhones are immune to malware in general. If you prefer using Android, consider switching to one of Google's proprietary handsets, such as the Pixel, which tend to receive Google's software patches as soon as they're released.

Who is behind the attack? .

"We know already that there have been attempts to attack organizations beyond the National Health Service", the NCSC said. It leveraged an exploit - a tool created to take advantage of a security hole - leaked in a batch of hacking tools believed to belong to the NSA.

As for Microsoft, some intelligence agency experts questioned its NSA criticism, saying it's unreasonable for the company to ask governments to stop using its products as a way to attack and monitor enemies.

The problem with that argument, according to several industry analysts who spoke with ITPro, is that Smith and Microsoft are right this time to criticize IT administrators and their companies that are failing to keep their systems patched and updated.

How can I protect myself? Even though there are ways to install the latest updates on updates on Windows which are not genuine, Microsoft is also implementing restrictions every once in a while, so depending on the release, it could be more or less hard to patch a pirated Windows copy.

"Whether or not you think the U.S. government should be spending a fortune developing such cyberweapons, surely it is obvious that the weapons they develop should be properly secured". So, people should make sure they have an active such software.

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