Soon you will be able to send money form Google Assistant

Similarly, you can't ask Google to launch Apple apps on your iPhone, like the calculator or a sports news app, but you can launch many Google-made apps that are installed on the iPhone. Or point the camera at the exterior of a restaurant and it will pull up reviews of the place. Second, any device with an Android One brand ran a Google UI that could not be modified by the partner.

So how does the Google Lens work? It could be identify what's you are going to shoot with the camera. Google has presented new instruments for engineers, such as, system enhancements, background applications limit, and Android Vitals Dashboards in the Play Console. Here are some of the most useful features that Google Home will get. Guess we'll see "in the coming months".

Google announced at I/O that it's working on a PayPal-like payment API for desktop and mobile.

This can be considered a single new device announcement at the event.

Google has been trying to compete with Amazon Echo with its own smart speaker, Google Home, but has been falling behind when it comes to features.

Called Android Go, this software will automatically enable data-saving features and will steer users toward apps designed specifically for affordable hardware. As before, the OS will alert you if it detects something untoward, but Play Protect is a new direction for Android Security.

Google will also let you share whole photo libraries with others and automatically share photos with other people.

Google Home will now be able to use the connected devices' screens to show visual responses to users in response to requests or queries.

Google said that over 500 million people now store photos through its Photos app. This makes your work easy and you don't have to be searching for family photos to group them. The SDK will enable third parties to develop appliances that can be controlled verbally using Google Assistant.

At the tech giant's annual developer conference, Google announced feature upgrades for the Google Home that would make it hard for the Amazon Echo to compete with. Furthermore, Android O now supports the entire catalogue of emojis in the Emoji 5.0 Unicode standard. Google now scans over a billion devices for potential security vulnerabilities; each day, 20,000 dedicated processors scour 500,000 apps for potential malware. Unlike Android One system, Android Go is not geared towards hardware.

At Google I/O, Samant highlighted the fact that India now has more Android users than the US.

With Android Go version of Android O, phone makers will be free to use whatever hardware they deem fit for it. Three years after, Google has not met that goal yet. HTC said in an email to Quartz that its new headset will launch later this year. Google calls this Suggested Sharing. It's a form of augmented reality that can understand the world around you and provide information to you as you walk through an indoor location. Instead of new smartphones, Google is stepping a way ahead to cover more of the technology industry. "Most of these users are in emerging markets". Basically, Google has built on the image recognition technology and built this feature where Google Assist goes and fetches the information about the image in focus.

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