Santos to Trump: "The US helped us win this battle"

Santos to Trump:

Santos to Trump: "The US helped us win this battle"

"There is no collusion between, certainly myself and my campaign, but I can only speak for myself and the Russians".

"I think the people in the Federal Bureau of Investigation will be very, very thrilled", he said.

"We need a great director of the FBI", Trump said Thursday.

SHAPIRO: Today reporters also tried to get the president on the record about some of the specific allegations against him, including the suggestion that he tried to stop an FBI investigation into his former national security adviser, Michael Flynn.

She says it's a "ridiculous statement" for Trump to make and results in "elevating the Russians as his confidante at the expense of our Justice system in our country".

HORSLEY: Yeah, this was perhaps the most serious allegation that was raised all week.

Comey - whom Trump fired May 9 - wrote a memo memorializing a discussion with the president about Flynn and the FBI's investigation, two sources close to the former FBI director who had seen the memo confirmed to NPR. Associates say Comey documented that meeting in notes at the time.

The president departed Friday afternoon on a four-country, nine-day tour of the Middle East and Europe. And also, as you look back. Their review also notably takes into account only Trump's returns from the past 10 years, leaving open questions about whether there were financial dealings with Russian Federation in earlier years.

Trump, however, was much more direct in his answer. And certainly Comey had irritated both Democrats and Republicans with his handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe previous year, but we heard from the acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe last week that Comey is still very respected inside the bureau.

Santos avoided discussing the wall directly and instead pointed to areas where the USA and Colombia were working together. He has been fighting cocaine production in his country.

Colombia's President Juan Manuel Santos speaks during United Nations high level delegation visits Colombia to verify the disarmament process in Bogota, Colombia, May 4, 2017.

"The drug epidemic is poisoning too many American lives, and we're going to stop it many different ways". Colombia is largely considered a major success story for US foreign policy. The money is now in doubt as the Trump administration plans to slash foreign aid as part of 31 percent cut to the State Department's budget.

Trump's response followed that of Santos, who said, "I believe that the best way to fight the drug trafficking is by collaborating".

When reporters asked Santos whether he believed Trump's proposal to build a wall along the USA and Mexican border would be effective to counter narcotics smuggling, Santos evaded answering the question directly.

"Walls work. Just ask Israel", said the president. Congressional committees have since asked for all of the Comey memos and any recordings of meetings with Trump.

Trump continues to barrage questions about Comey controversy amidst talks with Colombian President Santos regarding drug wars and the amelioration of stability in South America.

SHAPIRO: NPR's Scott Horsley at the White House, thank you.

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