Russian President Vladimir Putin steals the show with piano recital in Beijing

Russian President Vladimir Putin plays piano before meeting Chinese leader Xi Jinping on the first day of the Belt and Road Forum in Beijing China

Vladimir Putin plays Soviet songs during China visit

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Monday that Moscow was opposed to any new countries acquiring nuclear weapons, but that the world should talk to North Korea rather than threaten it.

In order to eliminate conflicts in Eurasia, we need to abandon hostile rhetoric, mutual accusations and rebukes, Russia President Vladimir Putin said at the opening of the One Belt, One Road worldwide forum in Beijing on 14 May, BelTA has learned.

The world's finest are in Beijing this week for the Belt and Road Forum, including Russian Bond-Villain-in-Chief and man of many talents, Vladimir Putin.

"It's too bad that the piano wasn't good and it was hard to play", Putin told reporters yesterday.

After speaking at the summit in the morning, Mr Putin headed to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping at his residence.

Evening Song has become something of an unofficial anthem of St Petersburg (formerly known as Leningrad) and is usually performed with words praising the city.

A viral video shows the softer side of the authoritarian leader who has been in power since 1999. "As regards the source of these threats, I believe that the leadership of Microsoft have announced this plainly, that the initial source of the virus is the intelligence services of the United States", Putin said.

"Hardly a virtuoso performance", expressed a Twitter user.

The ransomware was apparently developed in the US, Putin said.

"It's a pity that the piano was out of tune".

"I don't know, I think we'd need to meet him, have a discussion, and depending on the result choose a melody", Putin replied. In 2010, he took the stage at a charity concert with a jazz band to play and sing 'Blueberry Hills.' Not just this, but Putin is also fond of sea diving and hunting.

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