[Podcast] The Google I/O 2017 recap: Lens, Assistant & more

People might believe that it is like Android One, but that's not the case as Android Go is different from Android One. The huge user base makes Android - the most popular OS in the market.

While rooting a device typically allows users to do more things on Android that what is normally allowed, there are some safety/security concerns with it which is why it didn't come as a surprise to learn that Netflix has recently started to block its app from being installed on rooted Android devices. Second, any device with an Android One brand ran a Google UI that could not be modified by the partner. The tech giant is now focusing on winning the next billion users - and this is where Android Go comes into the picture.

One of the key aspects of any smartphone is the cost. So we focused on security updates.

Many believe Google's efforts with Android One turned out to be one big failure especially in India, but that's not how the company views it. Google will rebuild the Play Store from the ground up for Android Go. So, therefore the ecosystem adoption will be higher and we still will try to get the best parts of Android One (which is security updates) to continue to go on on this one. With so few apps being switched to, having a recents menu with a staggered card design makes less sense as Google wouldn't need to make the most of the space that's available to fit everything in. Finally, it's also optimising the Play store to highlight the optimised apps that users can install on their device.

Google has not officially announced the name of any third-party device maker that would launch smartphones tailor-made for Android Go platform, or indicated that it will launch its own hardware devices with Android Go. But overtime the company expects anyone, who ships a smartphone with Android O and 1GB RAM or below will use this Android Go configuration.

Android Go is Google's fresh take on affordable devices and this time around; it is not laying down terms and conditions for the interested manufacturers.

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