Now All Android Apps Can Hide Themselves From Rooted Phones

Hiroshi Lockheimer, the senior vice president overseeing Android, says Google will provide a more satisfying experience for even users of mass-market devices. But that's where Google wants to jump in with Android Go.

Google announced on Wednesday it was bringing its digital assistant to Apple iPhones as part of its effort to win the battle with tech rivals on artificial intelligence (AI).

One of the issues with Android Pay is that it is connected to an Android device and all of the payment methods have to be added to the app.

Google machine vision capabilities are being used to enable services such as recognising who is in pictures and what they are doing, as well as translate languages in signs viewed through smartphone cameras, demonstrations showed.

Pichai also announced the new platform Though, obviously, manual installations are a bit riskier than using Google Play, so that's worth bearing in mind. Lens uses AI to identify images viewed through a phone.

Google's popular Android operating system has spread to 2 billion devices worldwide, with the American technology giant looking to emerging economies for the next billion.

The new measures continue Google's efforts to make Android more secure for enterprises. For those wondering why Google chose to change up the look for the recents menu with Android Go, Google says that it's apparently because 95 percent of entry-level device users don't do a lot of switching between applications, and tend to stick to the four most recently used apps that show up in the menu.

When Google Lens app sees a restaurant or a Wi-Fi cipher, it immediately suggests the next step to the user. Pricing and a release date for these headsets was not revealed this week, but they should be out later this year. Daydream itself will get a big software update later this year, which will add, among other things, a way to surf the web in VR with Google's Chrome browser. However, this new Android Go sounds like it has a better chance of succeeding.

If we had to pick one thing that might actually be the biggest announcement at Google I/O 2017, it might be the reveal of Android Go, This is Google's new attempt at offering a version of its OS that's created to run on lower-end smartphones that will be sold in emerging markets for very low prices. The focus is completely to make the apps and the OS work on the lowest common dominator. One example of such an app is YouTube Go, which has already launched in India.

Google is also crafting a lighter version of Android, referred to as "Go", designed for maximum performance on low-priced, entry-level smartphones in developing countries where internet bandwidth is lean or expensive.

The coming version of Android, referred to simply as "O" for the time being, will also have boosted artificial intelligence features along with enhanced security, executives showed.

If you want to know where Google is headed, look through Google Lens.

Now that the conference is over, here is a complete list of all the major announcements made at the Google I/O 2017 for you.

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