Instant Apps, Notification Dots and More Coming to Android Devices

Another notable AI project is AutoML, a research project under the effort.

For LG, the first wave of Google Assistant appliance pairings is rolling out this month, and will include a laundry pair, range, refrigerator and air purifier under the company's premium LG Signature badge.

On the software side, Pichai said Google is working on developing neural nets capable of developing their own neural nets in an automated process he described as machines "learning to learn".

Google introduced a new system that continually scans every app on Android devices for security issues.

Google Home is powered by the Google Assistant. With an aim to reach out to "the next billions of users" with a new initiative, Google also unveiled Android Go - a new configuration of Android for entry-level Android devices. While this be construed as artificial intelligence being useful the idea of a personal assistant piping up without being asked to do so is risky.

Executives said the change was necessary not just because of aesthetics. It will also allow anyone with an iOS device and a Google Home to interact with the two devices in a much more seamless way. Later in the year you'll be able to view your calendar on your TV once visual responses via Chromecast are added to Assistant.

Google has been dominating the smartphone market with Android for years now but just how many people are using it on an active monthly basis?

Whilst there were no major hardware announcements made, Google gave those who watched a status update on the announcements made previous year.

Enter Google Lens, which adds AI to computer vision to provides a remarkably powerful search facility.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai gave a brief preview of the job search engine, called "Google for Jobs", at Google's developer conference I/O this afternoon.

In chemistry, Pichai said the company's tools could be used to develop synthetic molecules for the drug discovery and material science industry that can be tailor-made to behave in certain pre-defined ways.

The example that was greeted by an excited roar at I/O was the scenario of crawling under a desk to find the user name and password of a wifi router. For instance, point the phone at a flower and Assistant will call upon Lens to identify the type of flower. Like Google Goggles, from which Google Lens has developed if you photograph foreign text you'll get instant translation.

"Play Protect" is built into every device with Google Play, is always updating and automatically takes action to keep your data and device safe.

The conference, held near its Mountain View HQ, showcased the capabilities of Google in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR), and image recognition.

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