I'm joining Macron, says former prime minister Valls

Emmanuel Macron 39 and his wife Brigitte 64 were mobbed by fans as they went to vote at the polling station in Le Touquet this morning. He has won with 65.5 per cent of the vote

I'm joining Macron, says former prime minister Valls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi spoke to Emmanuel Macron last evening, congratulating him on his victory in French Presidential election. Mr. Macron has promised that half of those candidates will be new to elected politics, as he was before his victory on Sunday.

Attention now turns to the June 11 and 18 parliamentary elections, where President Macron and his newly formed political movement En Marche! face uncertain prospects in their effort to gain a workable parliamentary majority.

Macron wins French presidency but hurdles remain in campaign to governEmmanuel Macron steps into his new role as France's President-elect.

Initial estimates showed Macron winning between 65 percent and 66.1 percent of the ballots - a higher than expected score - and Le Pen scoring between 33.9 percent and 35 percent.

Traditionally, French voters have handed a parliamentary majority to the newly elected president in the general election.

On Monday, though, Hollande gripped Macron's arm before the two men walked side by side and then announced the transfer of power would take place on Sunday.

Denmark and now France is in contrast to the mindboggling return of regressive, racist and insular politics in the USA, and also in contrast to the Brexit experience, both of which were imitated by Le Pen.

Le Pen offered a radically different vision, proposing to pull France out of the euro, hold a referendum on European Union membership, and impose protectionist trade policies to shield French workers from what she called "savage globalization".

Sylvie Goulard, a French deputy to the European Parliament, said Macron would make Berlin his first official visit, with perhaps a stop to see French troops stationed overseas as well.

"The National Front, as long as it is led by Marine Le Pen, will no longer be a player, no matter how it changes".

Candidates include people from France's Republican party and the Socialist Party, Ferrand said.

A White House statement cited the 39-year-old Macron and the French people for "their successful presidential election" and said the United States looks forward to "continuing our close relationship with the French government".

As well as deciding on the crucial figure of his first prime minister - which will send a powerful signal about his intentions - Macron has also had to grapple this week with the case of a problematic former colleague.

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