Google's New Initiative is to Optimize Android for Low-End Devices

Also on its way with Android O are new characters including a vomiting face, an orange heart, and a giraffe (aw). Let's face it, Google's stock emoji have always looked a bit weird, but luckily for all millennials that practically live in Instagram, Facebook Messenger, and whatnot, Google's aiming to redefine their emoji game. (NASDAQ:GOOGL) focused on its efforts to bring artificial intelligence into all of its products and announced various new product features to improve stickiness and the general Google ecosystem.

Google Assistant: Now available on iPhones and on over 100 million devices.

The Google Payment API is not a new tool. It lets people point their camera at things to find out more information about them.

Virtual Reality: Its virtual reality platform announced past year, Daydream, will now be supported on LG's next flagship phone, as well as the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ as of a coming software update. Take a selfie, and you'll get similar hairstyle and makeup ideas (even if you aren't wearing any makeup). While Google introduced seamless OS updates with the Android Nougat OS, they still required a reboot. The inevitable question of which is best for you largely comes down to personal taste, as well as what devices you already own, but there's no denying that the trio of digital assistants definitely have their own strengths and weaknesses when it comes to voice recognition.

The final release date and the name of the new operating system were not disclosed.

The move extends the potential reach of Google's assistant, which debuted last fall on the company's Pixel phone and an internet-connected speaker called Home.

Paying through Google using the Wish app. Courtesy Google.

Both assistants can be summoned with a press of a button to answer questions, manage schedules and handle other routine tasks.

Finally, Google also revealed the Card Linked Offers API, which turned Android Pay into another channel for targeted offers, with bakery-café fast casual chain Panera Bread one of its early adopters.

Siri, though, might have something to say about that. Right: new keyboard icon for typing.

There was one final bit of good news for Spotify fans too - its free, ad-based service will now be coming to Google Home too.

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