Freeland's 'battle-scarred' team capable of tackling NAFTA renegotiations: Trade lawyer

Eduardo Solis President of AMIA gestures during an interview with Reuters in Mexico City

Freeland's 'battle-scarred' team capable of tackling NAFTA renegotiations: Trade lawyer

Those ideas were reflected in a statement that "Our North American trading partners represent USA food and agriculture's largest export market, with total US agricultural exports to Canada and Mexico more than quadrupling since NAFTA came into effect", from the Food and Agriculture Dialogue for Trade. According to US data, Germany and Mexico a year ago both ran trade surpluses of more than $60 billion with the United States, sparking complaints of unfair treatment from Trump, who has threatened aggressive measures to eliminate the deficit.

To view the full article, register now. It is still not clear what concessions President Trump is willing to make in order to coax Canada and Mexico to agree to modify NAFTA, and after angering a substantial amount of Mexican and Mexican-Americans with campaign rhetoric and a pledge to make Mexico pay for a border wall, Trump and his administration have also had a recent row with Canada over trade in soft lumber.

They worry that their operations will be thrown into disarray by a major NAFTA rewrite " or if Trump follows through on threats to pull out of the deal altogether and impose big tariffs on Mexican imports. In 1992, US presidential candidate Ross Perot famously predicted "a giant sucking sound" as American jobs migrated south across the border.

During the campaign, Mr Trump vowed to withdraw from Nafta, saying it was a disaster for USA workers.

With specifics to NAFTA, there is a strong interdependence of the fruit and vegetable sector across all three countries. So were many trade barriers in the auto industry. But the pact did encourage American manufacturers to relocate some operations to Mexico to take advantage of cheaper labor there; so critics blame NAFTA for wiping out USA factory jobs.

"Since the signing of Nafta, we have seen our manufacturing industry decimated, factories shuttered, and countless workers left jobless".

"Manufacturers are rolling up their sleeves to identify ways to modernize the 23-year-old NAFTA so the United States can be competitive in today's global economy", Dempsey said.

In March, the administration circulated an eight-page draft letter on NAFTA that disappointed critics by appearing to keep much of the existing trade agreement in place. Perdue said. "As President Trump moves forward with renegotiating with Canada and Mexico, I am confident this will result in a better deal for our farmers, ranchers, foresters and producers".

The two-page letter offered few details about what changes the administration would seek in the negotiations. That's why the public and Members of Congress must hold him accountable and demand that the Administration renegotiate NAFTA in a way that protects American workers and raises wages. The American Farm Bureau looks forward to working with the administration, Congress, other agricultural groups, and officials in Canada and Mexico to protect these important markets while also addressing issues that have limited the trade potential of US farmers and ranchers. The Mexican official said he welcomed the opportunity to update the agreement, but insisted it must remain trilateral. Political pressures in 2018 — a presidential election in Mexico and congressional elections in the United States — could make it harder to seal an agreement next year.

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