Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls wants to be Macron candidate

Donald Trump was among those to congratulate Macron with an unusually straight tweet reading'Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron on his big win today as the next President of France. I look very much forward to working with him

Former French Prime Minister Manuel Valls wants to be Macron candidate

Macron, who was voted in as president on Sunday with a large majority over Marine Le Pen of the National Front, will visit Merkel as his first foreign trip as France's head of state, Goulard told French broadcaster CNews.

As well as deciding on the crucial figure of his first prime minister - which will send a powerful signal about his intentions - Macron has also had to grapple this week with the case of a problematic former colleague.

Macron handily defeated far-right National Front leader Marine Le Pen in Sunday's presidential runoff, and now must pull together a majority of lawmakers for his year-old political movement to run in the mid-June legislative election.

The far-left France Insoumise (France Unbowed) party of Jean-Luc Melenchon would score 13-15 percent and the Socialist Party 8-9 percent if the two-round parliamentary elections were held now, the surveys suggested.

Macron, 39, founded his centrist En Marche (On The Move) movement of mostly political neophytes just a year ago on a promise to inject new blood into France's discredited political class.

According to polls released Monday, En Marche will win between 24 and 26 percent of votes in those elections, with the conservative Republicans party on 22 percent and the National Front on 21-22 percent. But Macron's team gave the idea a frosty reception.

Europe and Germany would not simply suffer if Macron fails: they would benefit if he succeeds.

Hamon went on to make a disastrous showing in the presidential election, being eliminated in the first round in fifth place.

In 2014, Macron became minister of economy, industry and digital data under President Francois Hollande.

But Le Pen's high score showed that resistance to the party is fizzling out, meaning the FN can hope to significantly improve on its current tally of two seats in parliament.

"The resistance of the right is the main danger for Macron", said Braud.

"Well aware that many voices have been raised in favor of the candidate of the National Front, the Chief Rabbi calls on all political leaders to take seriously the voters' cry of despair and anger in order to review their platforms and to regain the enthusiasm and support of the citizens", the statement by Korsia's office read.

A spokeswoman for Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble said strengthening the euro zone would be one topic that he would discuss with his new French counterpart once Macron has installed a new cabinet. "It's my responsibility to hear them", he said.

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