'Cyclops' goat born with one eye stuns vets and scientists with survival

Pic Barcroft Media

Pic Barcroft Media

Veterinarians said that it wouldn't live long after its birth so it's quite wonderful that this one exceeded its life expectancy.

While considering it "sacred" and "holy", the villagers have started worshipping the animal. The odd creature was born in Assam, India and a video of the goat has been shared by thousands on social media platforms. The eyelashes and eyelids are absent too.

It's a rare condition called cyclopia, one that most afflicted goats - or animals, for that matter - do not often survive, according to a report from National Geographic. Born with only one eye and one ear, and other deformities, vets had predicted that it would soon die. "But I was shocked to see the goat with a single eye". A fetal one-eyed dusky shark - an albino one, at that - has even been discovered back in 2011, although it was sliced from the belly of its mother and unlikely to have survived outside the womb.

"I was shocked. It's like a miracle and people have been coming to our place to see this baby goat", Das told Cater News.

Mukhuri said: "It's my responsibility to take care of the baby goat".

"So many people are coming to our place to see this baby goat". I have been feeding him like a normal goat.

'It might be something from God that the baby goat was born in our house, ' Das said.

As a matter of fact, you can call it luck that the birth of the miracle kid has generated massive attention for both the kid and Mukhiri. Since the birth on 10 May, the black kid does not make any effort to say goodbye.

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