City mistakenly honors man suspected of killing officer

City mistakenly honors man suspected of killing officer

City mistakenly honors man suspected of killing officer

The mayor of Cincinnati has tearfully apologized to city police after his office unwittingly approved a proclamation honoring a man suspected of killing an officer in an ambush. When Officer Kim arrived, police said Trepierre Hummons shot him and fired at other responding officers before police shot Trepierre Hummons. The request said a proclamation would honor his commitment to fighting mental illness.

"I love our police department", he said, breaking down in tears. "It was human error, but the buck stops with me", Cranley said tearfully.

"I know that it is of little solace now, but I want to ensure that this type of mistake will never happen in my office again", Cranley's letter continued.

Both Hummons and Officer Kim died of their wounds at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center.

The mayor of Cincinnati gave an emotional apology to police officers after erroneously approving a proclamation honoring a suspected cop-killer, saying the move was a "huge" mistake. Police described it as a "suicide by cop".

WCPO is working on an in-depth story about Ronald Hummons, his son and how Ronald Hummons says the tragedy of June 19, 2015, could have been prevented.

He said the proclamation quickly was retracted.

The proclamation request was submitted by Hummons' father, who never made mention of his son's last name nor the fatal confrontation with Kim.

The staffer then mailed Hummons the proclamation, which was stamped with the mayor's signature.

WKRC reports that Cranley's communications director says she's the one who approved it. After his son's death, the father founded the Trepierre Foundation with the goal of battling the stigma of undiagnosed mental illness.

Fraternal Order of Police President Dan Hills said he was disappointed by the mix up, especially because it occurred during Police Memorial Week - but he said he was glad Cranley took responsibility for the blunder. "I am truly grateful for the work you do and the sacrifices you make every day for this City and I hope we can continue to work together to make Cincinnati a better place for all of us".

"He's supportive of law enforcement", Hils told WCPO regarding the mayor. "I believe real leaders do that even in the worst of times".

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