Alexa wants to show you things - Amazon unveils its touchscreen Echo device

Users can simply ask Alexa, the onboard voice assistant, to play a YouTube video or stream movies from Amazon Prime and the content will appear on the screen.

There have been quite a few leaks regarding a new Echo over the past several days, and now Amazon has made everything official.

The Show takes everything that is great about the current iterations of the Echo and adds the thing most wanted by users, a screen.

While the Echo Show will retail for US$229.99 ($313), Amazon is pushing the device's communication capabilities by offering US$100 off when two or more are bought together.

Thought the device was just unveiled, you'll have to wait until June 28 to get your hands on it. If you like video calls but hate holding your phone up to have them, this feature alone will win you over. You can head over to Amazon's product listing to learn more about the device and reserve one for yourself.

Amazon Echo is a voice-activated smart Bluetooth speaker powered by intelligent personal assistant service Alexa.

What's new about the Echo Show, how will it make use of that seven-inch screen and should you wait for it if you're planning to buy an Amazon Echo?

Like the Echo speakers, Echo Show includes Amazon's "far-field" microphones and noise canceling technology, allowing the device to pick up your commands from anywhere in the room. It also integrates with a myriad other smart home devices like lights and thermostats to serve as a central place to control your smart home. The device allows people to use their voice, and Amazon's voice assistant Alexa, to get answers to questions, turn on lights, order goods from, and request an Uber auto for pickup.

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