Trump Establishes Commission Investigating Voter Fraud

As a candidate, Trump repeatedly raised doubts about the integrity of the United States voting system.

The commission's report on its findings is expected sometime in 2018, Sanders said. "The experts will follow the facts where they lead-we'll share updates as we have them".

Trump pledged in late January to strengthen the government's ability to protect its computer networks, but then canceled plans to sign an executive order on cybersecurity without explanation.

The claims continued after the election, with Trump claiming that voter fraud kept him from winning the popular vote over Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Another core objection to the panel comes against Kobach, whom Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) dismissed as "an extremist". "President Trump has chose to waste taxpayer dollars chasing a unicorn and perpetuating the risky myth that widespread voter fraud exists".

Crosscheck purged over 7 million people - majority Democratic, low-income, people of color, and many in critical swing states like North Carolina and OH - but only four people flagged by the system were ever charged with illegal voting.

"I think the concern that many people have would be that his prior statements about the so-called existence of voter fraud might color his view of the evidence that's going to be presented in the investigation, but I hope he puts all that aside", Johnson said.

But in a lunch meeting with senators in February, Trump said he and former Republican Sen.

- Elizabeth Warren (@SenWarren) May 11, 2017.@realDonaldTrump picked Kris Kobach - architect of some of the most racist & anti-voter state laws - to lead this new conspiracy crusade.

But state election officials throughout the country have uniformly said there was no massive voter fraud in the November 8 election, although there were reports of a relative handful of individual instances of illegal voting, such as voting twice in different locations.

"Your allegations are not properly a matter for a future investigation to take up, as you can not have responsibly alleged this scheme without already having sufficient facts in hand to do so", Weintraub wrote.

The creation of the commission was immediately opposed by the Democratic lawmakers who see it as an attempt by Mr. Trump to divert public's attention from the removal of Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director James Comey.

I have learned the hard way by covering elections that often there are claims that make it sound like we have finally stumbled on a giant voter fraud story, but then it doesn't pan out that way.

Trump signed an executive order Thursday creating the Advisory Commission on Election Integrity.

Brooke Singman is a Reporter for Fox News.

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