Telegram 4.0 released with video message support, Telescope and Bot Payments

Telegram 4.0 Update Brings Instant View Platform Video Messages and More

Telegram 4.0 released with video message support, Telescope and Bot Payments

The release is a major one bringing with it video messages, Telescope, Instant View support on most websites, and bot payment support. Video messages and Telescope. As of today, channel owners also can send video messages to their followers.

"Video messages are so fast because Telegram compresses them and sends them even as you record them", Telegram explained in a post. In an effort to not clutter the existing user interface of the app, Telegram developers decided to make the camera icon accessible by tapping the microphone icon, which will prompt a switch between the two. The update introduces new tabs to the top of Messenger's main screen for moving between your messages, active contacts, and groups. This now works when recording audio, too. Additionally, users can also share these public video messages on other social media channels including Facebook and Twitter, thereby increasing the potential of such videos to go viral beyond the Telegram ecosystem. It automatically creates a URL so that the video can be posted and viewed without the need to use a Telegram app or account.

Moving on, the update also marks the launch of Telescope (

The year 2017 is marked to ride high on artificial intelligence, machine learning, digital assistants, and bots. "When accepting a payment from a user, the bot developer can choose between all available payment providers, selecting the one already used by the buyer or the one with the lowest commission". You'll see a Pay button in bot messages. When you hit Pay, you can fill in your shipping and payment information and confirm the transaction. Users have the option to save card for future purchases.

Telegram extends the Bot platform to equip them for fetching payments if you shop for goods and services online. "With Instant View, you can enjoy articles from any blog or media outlet in a uniform and easily readable way". With the update, you'll be able to read articles in a "dark, gray, or sepia-toned environments", and will have the ability to adjust the font type and size and turn on the "Auto-Night Theme" setting. "They work great even if the source website isn't optimized for mobile devices".

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