Shootings by man who was freed early prompt changes at court

By Rob Sneed

By Rob Sneed Published

Authorities have found more than 60 guns at the home of a man who fatally shot three people on May 12 at a nursing home in Kirkersville, Ohio, including his former girlfriend and the town's police chief. Those included lack of checks and balances on the early release process, the fact that an early release recommendation fell exclusively on the shoulders of the interviewing probation officer, that no hearing was held on the matter and that no input was sought from Medrano, who filed the domestic violence complaints against Hartless.

Search warrants were also executed on two vehicles used by Hartless and at Medrano's residence, where Hartless had stayed just eight days before the shooting.

Medrano was reportedly killed in the center's nursing station and died of multiple gunshots from a handgun and shotgun. Higgins tells WBNS-TV that apparently "mistakes were made" and that understanding what happened is important. Suspect Thomas Hartless, 43, was found dead inside the nursing home in Kirkersv.

Approximately three months before she was killed, Medrano wrote a letter to a judge requesting a softer sentence for Hartless for beating her, according to WCMH. He admitted in court that beat up the woman, even that he tried to run over her with his vehicle as she tried to run from him. "I am not trying to validate why he acted the way he did". His funeral service will be held Saturday in Grove City. Cindy Krantz, a nurse's aide, was shot and killed with a shotgun.

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