President Trump to embark on first foreign trip as president

After his weekend trip to Saudi Arabia, the U.S. president will continue on to Jerusalem, meet with the Israeli prime minister and Palestinian leaders, as well as "say a prayer at the Western Wall", McMaster said.

The Oklahoma Music Hall of Famer will be visiting Saudi Arabia at the same time as the president, as Donald Trump makes his first foreign trip as commander in chief of the United States.

The Saudi and the American sides are expected to sign a host of political and economic agreements.

"It's nearly always true that when a president goes on a big foreign trip, especially one that has some important summits ... that that dominates the news and knocks most other stuff out", said Republican strategist Charlie Black.

He stressed that Riyadh and Washington are working to increase maritime security aimed at deterring Iran to ensure its compliance with policy.

Saudi Arabia confirmed on Thursday that it will sign commercial and political deals with the U.S. during President Donald Trump's visit to Riyadh next week.

Mr Trump's views on the Iran nuclear deal - which is now under a USA government review - could cause tensions during the European portion of the visit. Senior administration officials have also criticized Iran's support for Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, its ballistic missile activities and backing for militant groups in the region. An extravaganza featuring something for everyone-the Harlem Globetrotters taking on a Saudi basketball team, vehicle races, country singer Toby Keith -is meant to convince Americans there is a new, open Saudi Arabia and Saudis that mixing cultures and sexes isn't evil.

"The meetings in Saudi Arabia will have the danger of appearing overwhelming and nearly confusing rather than producing some meaningful conclusions", said Henderson of The Washington Institute. Jubeir said Saudi Arabia was not concerned about sharing intelligence with the United States, despite a storm over reports that Trump had discussed intelligence with Russian Federation during a White House meeting last week.

"We share a very, very large amount of intelligence with the United States and vice versa", Al-Jubeir said.

Having repeatedly condemned Saudi Arabia during his election campaign, the President has made no move to row back the US' friendly relationship with the Sunni Muslim autocracy.

REX TILLERSON: Bringing people the world over to understand we are in this together.

Trump, who frequently criticized President Barack Obama for not naming the enemy, says he plans to encourage leaders of Muslim countries to "fight hatred and extremism" and put a "stop radical Islamic terrorism".

Iran and Syria were not invited to the summit and they are not part of an Islamic military alliance that Saudi Arabia is establishing to fight terrorism.

"That's an internal Iranian matter", Foreign Minister Adel Al-Jubeir told journalists when asked his expectations for Friday's presidential vote in Iran.

"We will work with our allies, particularly the United States to make sure that Iran behaves like a normal country", Jubeir said.

Phillips says the president mustn't shy away from confronting the Saudis on their climate of radicalization.

It lifted global sanctions in exchange for guarantees that Tehran will not pursue a nuclear weapons capability.

"This historic summit", he said, "will establish new partnerships against extremism and promote the twin values of tolerance and coexistence".

When he takes off on Friday, Trump will be 119 days into his first term, marking the latest first foreign trip in the past 50 years by a U.S. president. There are no commercial flights connecting Israel's Ben-Gurion Airport to Saudi Arabia, and Israeli airplanes aren't even allowed to fly over Saudi Arabian airspace. Riyadh is taking upon itself the task of winning the intellectual war and defeating terrorism through tolerance and moderation.

Also, The Associated Press reports that caterers in Saudi Arabia will have the option of steak with ketchup (the president's preferred meal) in addition to local cuisine.

The summit will address three critical areas of concern: US-Saudi relations, US-GCC relations and Islamic-American relations.

The summit is part of preparations for a new USA strategy mobilising the Muslim world against the Sunni jihadists of the Islamic State group, as well as against Iran-backed militias such as Lebanon-based Hezbollah, said Mustafa Alani, a senior adviser to the Gulf Research Centre.

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