PM speaks to newly elected French President

In the event, Macron has secured 65.5% of the votes to Marine Le Pen's 34.5%.This has been received with relief across the political spectrum as the polls were suggesting a closer finish, with Le Pen scoring around 40%.

Many, however, warned it was too early to claim victory for centrist politics.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has spoken to Emmanuel Macron, congratulating him on the victory in French Presidential election.

Others weighed in on Macron's victory on Sunday as well.

The European anthem "Ode to Joy" played as he strode out to address the swelling crowd.

In his speech to the crowd, he said: "Tonight you won, France won".

Philippe Braud, political analyst at Sciences Po university in Paris, said Macron's decisive win meant an outright majority - deemed highly improbable just a few weeks ago - was "not impossible". "But they do not know France".

Le Pen's National Front (FN) and the other election losers are all hell bent on bouncing back in the parliamentary vote.

In that respect, Le Pen has won.

At a projected 35 per cent of the vote, National Front attracted record support and underlined the scale of the divisions that Mr Macron must now try to heal. "It is my responsibility to hear them".

He has previously praised Marine Le Pen as a "great woman who has achieved huge success" but despite both politicians being sceptical of the European Union, he has said her political values are different to those of the Movement.

Parisians lined the streets outside Macron's campaign headquarters to see his motorcade whisk him away to the Louvre party.

His wife Brigitte then came up on stage with him, and she kissed his hand and waved to the crowd. In fact, many voters said Sunday they are not bothered by Le Pen's anti-Muslim language or xenophobic inclinations, but rather that they are simply exhausted of the system and believe she is the right person to save France from its ongoing decline.

Congratulatory messages poured in from overseas. As president, Macron said he would "guarantee the unity of the nation and. defend and protect Europe". Until now, modern France had been governed either by the Socialists or the conservatives, but both of their candidates were eliminated before the runoff. "I tend to think so", said analyst Stephane Rozes of the CAP thinktank. (On the Move!) political movement many thought he was doomed to failure.

"The citizens of France have entrusted you the leadership of the country at a hard time for Europe and for the entire worldwide community", Mr Putin said, adding that the growing threat of terrorism and the destabilization of entire regions, it was "particularly important to overcome mutual distrust and unite efforts to ensure global stability and security".

Europe's right-wing populists, from Le Pen to Germany's AfD, were further emboldened by Trump's victory in November.

Fico's statement, provided for the TASR newswire by his spokesperson, declares that the French people have elected their president in a free election and this decision needs to be respected.

"I call on all patriots to join us", Le Pen said.

Her supporters at a National Front election night gathering in Paris put on a fearless face.

He added that his primary task over the coming five years was to "calm people's fears, restore France's confidence, and gather all its people together to face the vast challenges that face us in the future". "She drove us to the best result we've ever had, it's not a failure for her", he said on Europe1 radio. She had campaigned to ditch the euro and hold a referendum on European Union membership.

Macron also got lucky in the campaign. Fillon is facing charges in the case. Monday, a national holiday, marks the day of the formal German defeat in World War II. Hollande himself decided not to run again.

A protest Monday in Paris against Macron's planned reforms drew several thousand people.

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