Major Worldwide Cyber Attack Spreads

Most importantly, advanced malware detection products can catch these new malware variants immediately, well before signature solutions catch up.

SBI has denied there was any compromise in its ATMs. "Wrong info is floating around".

The Hitachi ATMs deployed by many White Label ATM players and Yes Bank were impacted by the malware.

Though damaging, the WannaCry worm was not the worst that could have happened. Few instances of the ransomware seem to have been reported, however. India's IT backbone did not face any substantial disruption, said the government agency.

A multi-agency monitoring team is continuously assessing the situation round the clock, IT Secretary Aruna Sundararajan said on the margins of a Broadband India Forum event. The virus displays a message asking for $300 ransom in bitcoins to unlock the system.

Good IT hygiene is therefore the key to cyber resilience; using supported software, applying security patches promptly, staff awareness training, a business resilience plan and remaining diligent. "Kerala and Andhra Pradesh have been affected partly". Enterprise and government systems can rarely afford the potential downtime that goes along with a software patch or upgrade. What's more, each update to an operating system can introduce new vulnerabilities that didn't exist beforehand.

It may be recalled here that Union Home Ministry sources stated yesterday that some ATMs all over the country have been closed following concerns against the virus attack. However, bank officials have denied that the ATMs have been closed due to cyber attack.

For example, in an analysis on the government's reponse to WannaCry,'s technology editor Javed Anwer explains how CERT-IN itself tends to "send security advisories months after something has hit the web".

Then there's another catch. "That code has not been widely used, and has been seen only in attacks by North Korean-linked hackers", according to the Times. This leads to licencing issues which make it impossible for them to report their losses. Experts also pointed out how there is no legal provision that makes reporting of a cyber-breach mandatory for a corporate firm. In Australia, Cyber Security Minister Dan Tehan warned that there will always be threats of cyber attacks despite measures to intensify the country's cyber security.

The Pune-based company said 60 per cent attempts by WannaCry ransomware were targeted at enterprises, and 40 per cent on individual customers. If no payment is received in seven days, the files will be deleted. As the scare is big, the e-Governance Department has shut several government websites that had been given direct IP access or has temporarily closed some access to certain sites till the "patching" is completed to prevent attacks.

In an effort to immunize users, Microsoft on Friday took the unusual step of issuing patches for customers running platforms that are no longer receiving regular security updates - Windows XP, Windows 8 and Windows Server 2003.

Reports from worldwide agencies have also consistently claimed that WannaCry has immensely impacted India. Reports said that approximately 90% of healthcare facilities under UK's National Health Service still use the 16-year-old Windows XP. Multiple backups also help.

"Our banks may be affected in a couple of hours".

"The phone rang just before midnight [Sunday] and I grabbed it because I thought it would wake my mum and it was an Asian woman's voice saying, 'Do you have a computer?'". If one system is infected, it has the ability to infect other systems which are vulnerable.

Despite the contradicting opinions on WannaCry's effect on India, it is very clear that holes in our cybersecurity leave exposed to all kinds of hacks.

Speaking to SOM, H.S. Renukaradhya, inspector, Cyber Crime Wing said that the three institutions lost good amount of data when the attack took place past year.

Microsoft, however, wasn't impressed with the latest attack.

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