Jason Chaffetz Announces He's Resigning In June

He is planned to speak with reporters at his home south of Salt Lake City later Thursday afternoon. "That said, I have made a personal decision to return to the private sector".

"I do think in the light of day, in a public setting he should be able to tell us about not only the materials, if they're there, and I question whether or not they're actually there", Chaffetz said. "The overwhelming driving force is the idea that I just love my family".

The congressman is recovering from foot surgery, which has kept him mostly homebound for the past few weeks.

Some have speculated that Chaffetz will be taking on a role at Fox News starting in July.

He said he believed that other members of his committee would keep the investigation going. I am confident I would continue to be re-elected by large margins...

Chaffetz said Thursday that he would consider stepping aside after he meets with House leadership to discuss its intentions. His campaign registered the Web domains JasonChaffetz2028.com and Jason2028.com in early April.

Chaffetz said his last day will be June 30.

Mr. Chaffetz had just started his 5th term in Congress, used his post as chair of the oversight committee to doggedly investigate Hillary Clinton before the Y 2016 Presidential election and raise his political profile.

Chaffetz is head of a committee that is the House's investigatory arm into the Executive Branch.

Chaffetz is the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, one of the United States government bodies looking into Trump's decision to fire James Comeyas the head of Federal Bureau of Investigation as well as into claims about links between Trump's former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn and Moscow. Many of his residents appeared to disagree at a town hall, screaming at him to "Do your job!"

The only explanation for the decision given in the statement is that Chaffetz' family has been undergoing changes recently including his adult children's new marriages in the past 18 months.

But once Donald Trump took office, he became somewhat more muted. He initially rebuffed their pleas and has often mused to colleagues about how he wants to retire and return to SC to spend more time with his family.

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