Hackers behind stolen NSA tool for WannaCry: More leaks coming

One of those exploits was used to create the notorious Wannacry ransomware that crippled hundreds of thousands of systems worldwide.

The Shadow Brokers appears to claim that its own timing was deliberate and that its only intention for leaking the attack tools was to demonstrate that the Equation Group was hacked.

Apparently, Shadow Brokers have already tried to sell information to several multinational companies, countries, and global organizations, including the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the UN, Microsoft, Apple, and Google, but none of them was interested in that kind of purchase.

In the blogpost which was made yesterday, the group claiming to be Shadow Brokers, said, "Shadow Brokers feels that it was "being very responsible" about April's dump-the one that resulted in WannaCrypt/WannaCry, and the potential for many more exploits." .

"In June, TheShadowBrokers is announcing "TheShadowBrokers Data Dump of the Month" service", the blog post published at steemit.com reads.

It also threatened to dump data from banks using the SWIFT global money transfer network and from Russian, Chinese, Iranian or North Korean nuclear and missile programs. "ShadowBrokers are back", tweeted Matthieu Suiche, a French hacker and founder of the United Arab Emirates-based cyber security firm Comae Technologies, who has studied the Shadow Broker releases and believes the group has access to NSA files.

Previously, the group had merely sought to sell its hacking tools to the highest bidder.

The rogue hackers have promised more details on their content-monetization strategy in June. It adds, "Each month peoples can be paying membership fee, then getting members only data dump each month". As is to be expected, the group notes that what members do with the exploits is completely up to them. Spokesperson from Microsoft has already said that they will be preparing a response for this claim from the hacking group.

"Repeatedly, exploits in the hands of governments have leaked into the public domain and caused widespread damage", said Microsoft's Brad Smith.

Another national security expert and former top Pentagon official, Michael Sulmeyer, echoed Hayden's fears about the Shadow Brokers "disaster". Having failed to get anyone interested in an auction however, the group is starting up what they call something like the "wine of month club": A subscription service where you get new exploits every month.

After last week's massive ransomware attack shut down machines around the world, the NSA, which knew of the exploit before it was public, became a target for criticism.

The group goes on to skewer Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith, who on Sunday issued pointed criticism of the USA spy agencies for stockpiling vulnerabilities.

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