FOX News Statement Regarding The Five Co-Host Bob Beckel

Fox News fires Bob Beckel for'insensitive remark to black employee

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Bob Beckel, a co-host on "The Five", was sacked on Friday after allegedly making a racist remark to a fellow employee.

Often playing the role of the crusty old uncle to the conservative whippersnappers on the now primetime The Five, Beckel was first dropped by FNC in June 2015 after 15-years with the then Ailes run channel.

"Bob was missed by many fans of The Five, and we're happy to welcome him back to the show", the elder Murdoch, who is 21st Century Fox and Fox News executive chairman, said on January 16 when the ex-pol rejoined FNC.

The source said an African-American IT staffer was working on Beckel's computer when some sort of exchange occurred and the host made an insensitive remark. Executives conducted an internal investigation, this person said, and chose to part ways with Beckel Friday morning.

It was not immediately revealed what Beckel, a co-host on "The Five", said to the employee, but it was described as being "racially insensitive" to the network's human resources team, Variety reported. Wigdor alleged Fox News executives tried to get the employee to withdraw the complaint. As with our other 22 clients, we intend on holding 21st Century Fox accountable for these actions and will be filing multiple other complaints in other matters next week.

Fox News' internal culture has been under intense scrutiny in recent weeks.

This latest firing at FNC comes as the legally besieged and scandal tainted outlet tries to recover from on-going accusations of sexual and racial harassment. Both men had been accused of sexual harassment.

Beckel was co-host of "The Five" which recently moved to primetime when Bill O'Reilly was sacked from the network amid a variety of sexual harassment allegations.

In a memo to employees sent in April, Fox News" human resources sent a memo to employees in April, saying, "We want to give you every opportunity to be heard' about workplace concerns'.

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